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Maison Cléo, a french label run by a mother-daughter duo based in Lille is all the rage right now. When Marie Dewet started uploading pictures of clothes her mom had made for her on Instagram, people seemed to love their style and only three months later, they started selling their first products. This was back in December 2016, while now fashion lovers from all over the world are waiting patiently for Wednesday to arrive, as Maison Cléo opens its online shop only once a week and only at a particular time. Within a few minutes all the effortlessly chic blouses and dresses are sold out, leaving customers empty-handed and frustrated. However, certain items are simply worth waiting for: especially if they are made out of organic materials and with lots of love and passion. Maison Cléo's concept is namely to produce solely made to order by only one seamstress--Marie Dewet's mom herself. A great approach to teach fast fashion lovers a lesson and let them wait. Inspired by their concept and the beauty of their garments I wanted to know more about the vision behind Maison Cléo and reached out to Marie Dewet directly.

Why did you decide against an atelier to produce your garments?
'First of all because we don't feel the need to become bigger but also because it would not be the same thing if there were other companies involved. People like the brand because it's just my mom and I.'

What is the most important feature about your clothes?
'We don't use synthetics.'

Your clothes are solely made to order which is a bold contrast to fast fashion. What is your personal opinion on the fast fashion industry?
'I personally own nothing from Zara, H&M, Mango, etc. The way they produce their clothes and the fabrics they use, which is mainly Polyester disgusts me. They produce tons of clothes and are therefore one of the largest polluter's in the world and after that, everybody is dressed in the same way. I simply don't understand what's appealing to that.'

How do customers react to your concept?
'Our customers understand the hard work behind every product, but sometimes I receive e-mails from impatient customers who don't understand the two week delivery time or are frustrated because the products are sold out immediately after opening the online shop. But overall we receive lovely feedback and most of the people who miss the sale usually wait another week seeing as they love our concept and clothes so much.'

What are your plans for the future?
'I am thinking about hiring another seamstress to help my mother, even though she wants to make each piece by herself. Right now she starts her day at 7 am and finishes between 10 or 11 pm. I just think it is way too much work for one person and I don't wan't her to be too tired.'

Thanks Marie Dewet for the interview!

pictures via Maisonclé

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