Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hurry up spring! With the last few days being full of sunshine, I am so in the mood for lighter outfits and wearing my sunnies 24/7. I am really into straight cut tops with cap sleeves at the moment, so I quickly made this one last week out of fabric I had left over. Slowly getting into making more tops and pants for myself instead of always coats. Speaking of, the boyfriend bought this stunning bomber jacket at The Kooples this week and I had to steal it of course. I mean the brand is called The Kooples, so this means you have to share with your partner, right? =)

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

boots - Zara
culotte - Zara
top - Wolfschluckner
jacket - The Kooples
sunglasses - Céline
bag - Camelia Roma

Sunday, January 22, 2017


This blouse is one of my favorite pieces from my latest collection. I never imagined layering it with a thick jumper but it actually was one of the best ideas ever - especially for Fashionweek. If you want to stay warm without looking too comfortable but still chic, this combination is everything. The blouse is the perfect mix of minimalism with that extra something, the faux fur. Besides, I already told you I've been on the hunt for the perfect leather pants and although I still haven't found them, I settled on these fake ones for now.

Regarding Fashionweek, since I am still interning I had to sit out on a lot of events. Unfortunately, I could not go see as many shows as I usually do but I managed to squeeze in a few evening events, which is why I am pretty knackered right now and happy to get some sleep and rest. Hope you're all doing fine! xx

pictures by Anaïs

boots - Zara (old)
(faux) leather pants - H&M
(faux) fur blouse - Wolfschluckner / selfmade
jumper - Aeronautica Militare
coat - Wolfschluckner / selfmade
bag - Karl Lagerfeld

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Right before Fashionweek I am keeping things casual and easy, so today's outfit is the epitome of comfort. I admit, slouchy pants would look more chic with high heels and less oversized knitwear but I thought a tone-in-tone look with sneakers would suit my mood even better. This jumper has been a total lifesaver this week when the temperatures dropped and I had to work so much every day. Working in an office by day and sitting in front of my sewing machine at night calls for comfortable clothes made of the softest wool possible. Pairing knitwear with fur might just be the best idea if you want to survive winter in Berlin. Just make sure it's fake fur, or your ride on the metro will be hell.

I hope you like today's back to basics outfit as well as my all natural hairdo - I really kept it simple this time but just to overdo it in my next post ;-) xx

pictures by Anaïs

sneakers - Adidas Originals
pants - Lindex
jumper - Aeronautica Militare
fake fur jacket - Mango

Sunday, January 1, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR :: Goodbye 2016

I never know what to say when a year comes to an end. Usually, I reread my new years blogposts from the past and I could not find the one from 2015 today, which left me thinking I must have been too busy to write one. Busy is the cue, which is exactly why my only new years resolution was to go to concerts more often and stop being busy for at least one night every once in a while, cause only good music helps me clear my mind. (I found my 2015 recap later, but me-time will always be super important to me ;-)

Right now, I am sitting at my new kitchen table, sipping coffee and listening to Tom Odell whom I've seen live about two months ago with Sarah. Meanwhile, there is tons of stuff lying around in my apartment that describe this year perfectly. There are lots of fabrics, clothes hanging on the wall, my unpacked suitcase is lying on the ground -- always ready to leave but I never actually go somewhere -- books are stacked in the corner and it is freezing cold because my radiator happens to be super moody. This year was all about working, which left tiny Lack Of Color Blog with less posts than usual, but I am still proud of the content I produced. 
I picked some of my favorite shootings and wrote down a few highlights for my 2016 recap.

January - April
Helping out at Fashionweek when you're super ill was not my best idea but totally worth it. I also went to a few shows myself and passed my intermediate exam at uni which the bf and I celebrated by going to the museum whenever we could. January could also be the month we saw every exhibition there was and I really want to do this again this year! I also worked a lot at Bench in February, wrote applications for internships, visited my parents and right before uni started, I went to Paris where I also had an interview with Marina Hoermanseder. A week later my internship at her atelier starting in September was confirmed. I also had new enquiries for Wolfschluckner and made a bomber jacket and a menswear ensemble (vest & trousers) within a month. Also, my bestie from Austria came to visit me in the middle of April which is always good, since I am in desperate need of some Austrian spirit every once in a while.

May - August
Since I was working quite hard, I treated myself to see William Fitzsimmons and loved every single minute of this concert with my phone being on mute. The bf started his menswear blog in spring, which is super handy, as he now takes lots of my pictures and proofreads my posts ;-) We also had a huge writing project at uni last semester leaving me with constant headaches so I went to the spa and got massages every once in a while. It did not help my head at all, but at least it felt good ;-) My mom, grandmom and sister also came to visit me in June while I was busy working on a Chanel inspired outfit for uni and then Fashionweek was around the corner again. My girl Anni came before moving to New York and we had the best days ever, going shopping, seeing shows and partying at the Stylight Influencer Awards. In the middle of July it was also time to quit my part-time job, celebrate my 23rd birthday like a queen with my favorite people on earth and finish the last enquiries before heading to Vienna with the bf. I made a coat for one of my best friends at home and stayed two weeks at my parents place in Austria and it was magical. The weather, the people -- I was super relaxed and ready to start my internship in September. Besides, I started working on a new collection for Wolfschluckner, which will finally be up on the website in a few weeks!

September - December
My internship at Marina Hoermanseder was quite demanding, so I had literally no time for anything but somehow I still managed to post frequently on the blog thanks to my girl Anais who helped me take pictures every other weekend. There were weeks when me and the other interns worked 12 hours a day and we had no time to wash our hair or run some errands, let alone buy groceries. Eventually, I ended it and went on to another internship at Axel Springer, a big publisher in Berlin. I finally had more free time and filled it with concerts (Tom Odell & James Vincent McMorrow) as well as with my blog and Wolfschluckner. I made another jacket and already have enquiries for next year, yay! Two weeks ago I completed two months of writing about fashion and beauty (and interviewing german actress Janina Uhse at GLOW con) at Axel Springer and I was so happy to have some time off and reflect.
It was a weird but fun year but I am happy to start from scratch. I will continue going to the gym (finally started in September!), going to concerts and enjoying every minute of it and working on Wolfschluckner, cause these things make me pretty happy! Also, two new internships and my last semester at uni are waiting and I can't wait to start :-)

Happy new year and thanks for reading and following! xx

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