Friday, December 22, 2017


I've been meaning to get knitted trousers for so long and was always tempted to buy some in early fall but since they are a bit pricy, I always hesitated. When my mom then told me, they tend to get baggy after a while, especially if you sit in them a lot, I was sure to never get any, seeing as I work in offices where you sit most of the time.
Thus, I thought my dream of owning a pair of knitted trousers was over, until I came across a beautiful light blue fabric at Idee in Berlin. It is one of my favorite arts and crafts stores and while it's usually above my budget, this knitted fabric was affordable and therefore went straight into my shopping bag. Although I like to knit myself (I am currently working on my first vest), knitting a pair of trousers was too unrealistic for me and what I am capable when it comes to knitting. The easier way for me is always to sew seeing as I am an expert on this subject and the result is presentable and budget-friendly.

These days were knitwear is all the rage and hanging on every rack in every store, mostly made out of acrylic, I am more than glad that I chose to study fashion design at an early age in order to make my own clothes and avoid wearing the same as everybody. Owning a great pair of knitted trousers can also be the choice of wardrobe for a Christmas party at the office or casual New Year's Eve celebration. I paired mine with a flared sleeve blouse, my beloved pointed boots, a sleeveless coat and to make the look more festive I wore my quilted shoulder bag from Karl Lagerfeld. Add some beach waves and a dark lipstick and you're good to go this holiday season!

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