Saturday, November 4, 2017


I literally cannot wrap my head around the fact that it is November now. Time flies by so fast when all you do is wear all black and work on your final piece for graduation.

Seeing as I do most of my work from home I don't see any need to dress up apart from when I am having a meeting or a date with the boyfriend, but even then, as you can see in today's pictures, I decide to go for all black and a lot of layers. While most of my clothes are old, the top with the draping in the front is quite new and I am a big fan of it. Thanks to the cosy fabric and fit it is super comfortable but the draping makes it chic at the same time.

The only pop of color I allow myself lately is with shoes, like these pointed sock boots in purple. They have been my favorites for fall not only because they are fun, but after breaking them in (which sounds like a bad joke but I actually got blisters the first time I wore them) it really feels like you're wearing socks -- no wonder Vogue called them "leisure footwear" that is "light as air".  Sock boots may be the talk of town this season and especially popular on Instagram, but I haven't seen a lot of people actually wearing them. The reason might be either my stay-at-home-attitude or the trend is still in its infancy. Whatever it is, I will happily wear mine for the next few months and gush about them ;-) 

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

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  1. Super wie du alles kombinierst und die Schuhe sind echt der Hingucker!


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