Friday, November 10, 2017


Just in time for winter really kicking in here in Germany, I got introduced to Graciela Huama knitwear label from the Netherlands that produces gorgeous one of a kind clothes. While I was working on a shoot two weeks ago, I had the chance to try one of their jumpers and desperately had to show it to you, as it is minimalistic but with a twist: a risky shape that I have never ever seen before. Additionally to her luxurious choice of material, Alpaca and Pima Cotton, everything is produced in a sustainable and fair way in the Andes in Puno. Make sure to visit her website and Instagram and please note, that this is not a paid post. I was just super excited to have found this label and it actually broke my heart that I only borrowed the jumper and had to give it back eventually ;-)

As always, I fell in love with it because of the heavy knit. Coming from Austria where its always cold and my mom being the knit-queen she is, I have a thing for heavy knitwear and looking and feeling all cosy. Seeing a cable stitch in such a unique way, running into the sleeve instead of the shoulder was a first for me and not only makes the jumper look kind of ergonomic to be honest, but simply cool and one of a kind. Of course a heavy knit and V-neck paired together makes the garment quite heavy, so I had to throw on a silk blouse underneath which surprisingly made the whole outfit look very chic. My leather pants and boots gave it a bit of edge which is necessary if you want to survive in Berlin. 

picutres by Your Gentle Reminder

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  1. Traumhaft schön! Habe schon lange nicht mehr, einen so tollen Pullover gesehen!


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