Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I have been meaning to show you these posters for quite a while now  and finally managed to snap some pictures. After living in my tiny apartment for more than two years I wanted a change and opted for some new posters and frames. Therefore, I teamed up with Desenio, an online shop that has a great variety of posters which perfectly match my apartments' white/dark brown/grey color scheme. When it comes to pictures, I really like drawings that don't look too intentional as well as flowers and quotes or funny sentences.

As I am still sewing a lot I thought the drawing of the coat would be nice on my work desk as well as the crumpled paper next to it. I really like the texture of the paper and it reminds me that not every idea is perfect but also does not have to land in the trashcan either.
Seeing as I am a big fan of flowers and nearly buy a bouquet a week, I thought it would be a lovely idea to have some pictures of flowers as a substitute for fresh ones ;-) It also really calms me down when looking at it. The "Oh crépe" poster reminds me of my dad and us having crépe every year at the christmas markets. It is also a fun addition to my kitchen posters, whereas the photograph of the lady with the hat has no deeper meaning or whatsoever but I really like this photo. It might have something to do with me loving hats or maybe it is because she looks like she is having a great time all by herself on the beach.

There were so many amazing photos on the Desenio website, especially if you are looking for black and white posters like I did. Obviously it was quite hard to decide, but I am happy with the outcome and grateful to provide you with a code to get a little discount for yourself. Use the code "LACKOFCOLOR" to get 25% off posters (except handpicked" posters and frames) between 10-12th of October. And for more inspiration, simply follow @desenio on their social media channels!

This post was in cooperation with Desenio, still the expressed opinions are solely mine.


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