Saturday, October 28, 2017


Dressing weather appropriately is my advise for you from now on. We are in deep fall now where it can get really frigid outside, much like today where there's another storm sweeping over Germany. The reason I am so into respecting the actual temperatures and dress accordingly is first, because I usually don't do that and end up with a cold after just one day being outside without a scarf or vest, and second, I am just too old to care about looking unbelievably fancy with just a blouse and a light coat when there are eight degrees outside. Besides, there are ways to look nice without having to suffer from freezing all the time. However, I really wanted to show off this red dress I bought at COS last summer but since it is already too cold, I had to work with layers for the ultimate no-longer-summer-look.

Making dresses fall/winter friendly calls for one thing: knits. So I busted out my favorite knitwear seeing as it is officially sweater weather and went with this grey one my mom made last year. The knitting pattern is absolutely gorgeous and I still can't believe she made that within a few weeks -- even though I can sew and started to learn knitting, it constantly amazes me what you can create out of some balls of wool (actually a lot went into making this jumper, but you get my point). Pairing a dress with a cosy oversized sweater can look very chic but at the same time has some casual charm and a laid-back feeling I personally really like. After all luxury always involves relaxation, right?

photos by Sarah Fitzbauer


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