Sunday, September 17, 2017


As some of you might have noticed, I am currently interning at Off Ones Rocker Publishing in Berlin. We publish magazines such as Fraeulein magazine, Numéro Berlin, Numéro Homme and others. The last few weeks were extremly stressful as we were working on the latest editorials and texts for the new issues which will be printed and at your local newspaper stand within the next month. This busy phase caused a stop in my blogpost routine, which I was hoping to avoid, but with working on my final piece for AMD and starting to study at a uni abroad, I simply had no choice. Also, at work I keep things pretty casual as all I do is lift boxes, run around carrying clothes from one location to another and there is simply no point in wearing Gucci loafers or pleated blouses.

However, I missed blogging, taking pictures and wearing something else than a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. So without much further ado, here's what I currently like to wear (in my free-time):

I am obsessed with wide trousers at the moment, not only because they make me appear taller (at least that's what the boyfriend said) but also because I am tired of wearing skinny jeans for over a decade now. One could argue, as the pants are so voluminous, it's best to wear something more sleek or fitted on top, but I don't agree. This blue blouse is perfect as you can tuck it in and still keep the whole outfit loose and casual. The bigger the better. As for shoes: anything will work with these pants.  My choice is a desperate attempt to sticking to summer and its warm temperatures as I am not ready for the cold season yet. Loafers are actually a great alternative for sneakers/boots in fall as they look less casual. You can style them with fun socks or no socks at all and wear them at the office, on dates or formal events. I personally hope the weather stays like this for a bit, so I can stick with my beloved loafers before swapping to boots.

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  1. Ein wirklich schönes Outfit. Es harmoniert fantastisch miteinander.


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