Monday, September 25, 2017


Right now I am wondering when I last saw a blogger/influencer wear a cardigan. Nowadays it is all about blazers and hoodies and the good old knitted cardigan kind of got lost along the way. Although most bloggers name the Olsen Twins as their number one fashion inspiration, they all forget that they actually wear cardigans on a regular basis. Ashley sported some very brave choices, from super-granny to oversized, patchwork-y and floor length.

I personally love cardigans, especially for being warm, comfortable and if they are slouchy enough, you can snuggle up and feel even more cosy. Of course the material is important too. I recently picked up a mohair cardigan from Esprit and it is the ideal garment to wear right now. I think I speak for everybody who is cold all the time when I say Berlin is way too cold for this time of the year. The material and color were definitely the most important part in getting this cardigan, but the one thing that convinced me was the hood. You might know that I went to Hamburg two weeks ago and while it was literally pouring the whole weekend, I realized I don't have any clothes that have a hood. While I have plenty of jumpers and sweatshirts, they all miss some sort of protection from the rain and wind. Ever since I got back, I was on a mission to find something with a hood, stumbled upon this beige cardigan and the rest is (shopping)history.

Additionally, if you are still feeling cold, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket on top to finish the whole model-off-duty-look. By the way, when I escorted my friend Sarah to the tattooist yesterday, my beloved leather jacket got stolen for about twenty minutes. I was obviously quite upset seeing as she left (me) her old and wrecked leather jacket at the studio, but since the owner had all her contact details, we called her up and insisted on her coming back instantly. In my three and a half years in Berlin I have never gotten robbed or anything, but I know quite a lot of stories so if you're ever here, watch out for your stuff and maybe don't trust everybody right away ;-)


  1. Diese Strickjacke ist der Hammer. Die Farbe super schön und die Länge perfekt.


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