Wednesday, August 9, 2017


What to do with the leftover fabric after sewing something for a customer? Right, make yourself a little something, because throwing it away is definitely not an option.

I recently realized I did not have a single plain white T-shirt although I always crave one, so I took matters into my own hands and quickly sewed one out of white cotton I found at home. This is probably the best part about being a designer/tailor: if you want something, you can simply make it. As a special and fun feature, I decided to call it the "Wo Girl Tee", which I printed on the front in small letters. When I was about fifteen years old I made the decision to change my last name on all social platforms to "Wo" (German translation: where) instead of "Wolfschluckner", so people would not find me immediately and just stayed with it. I like to refer to the girls wearing my clothes as the >Wo girls<, which reminds me of a small group of modern and sophisticated yet still fun and silly girls who prefer quality and originality over quantity.

Nevertheless, white T-shirts are cool, versatile and can be worn any day of the year but sometimes you got to ask yourself what you can do to spruce it up a little bit and make it more fashion-forward. I decided to pull-out my black COS skirt which I haven't shown on the blog before, but off-screen has been featured quite prolifically. I styled the whole outfit with elegant accessories, such as suede pointed loafers, big black Céline shades and what every French girl loves momentarily: a basket bag (made out of leather though, because straw is only good for hats to be honest).

pictures by Anais Eleni

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  1. Ein tolles Ensemble passt alles perfekt.


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