Tuesday, August 1, 2017


A little holiday spirit might be perfect over here since I am still in the holiday blues because the days of waking up super early, having breakfast on the terrace and relaxing in the sun are no more. After a quite stressful semester (which was actually my last), I took two weeks off, headed to Vienna and Budapest and then home to see my family and friends. It was a much needed vacation (also: way too short) and although I did not come back tanned at all, at least I feel relaxed and ready to conquer new challenges, such as a new internship and my final assignment for uni.

On my way, I picked up this beautiful tunika at Oyhso in Budapest, a shop I really fell in love with when I first visited Paris last year. I am usually not into ethno styles, but the blue embroidery and wide sleeves are adorable and it would have been idiotic not to get it. Especially after arriving at my parents house, I quickly realized it was THE perfect item and I almost wore it daily. I did not bring much clothes with me anyway, but being a big fan of jumpsuits, I knew tunikas would be very similar: they both score by being super easy to throw on and looking dressed-up within a minute. Especially where I come from, you don't have to always dress up lavishly but instead wear your five favorite pieces you brought with you and you're good to go. It is nice to sometimes not think about fashion and whenever I wanted to spruce up a little bit, I always had my mothers and sisters closets to discover. Trust me, I wanted to steal bits and pieces, but my suitcase was too heavy from all the shoes I took with me, cause in all honesty, I might have taken three shirts with me, but four pairs of shoes to fill the space in my suitcase ;-)


  1. Das ist wirklich Sommer, toller Jumpsuit, lässiger Hut und wunderschöne Haare.

  2. Gorgeous look! That tunika is really beautiful, it suits you very well. And that hat is perfectly completing the whole outfit - great choice!


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