Sunday, July 2, 2017


It's no surprise that silhouettes have to be reinterpreted every once in a while, and although I am all about wide clothes, as seen in my last post, a little cinched waist never hurt nobody. With the fashion world drowning in chokers, gucci belts and those bold waist belts you tie together like a karate kid, I could not resist and got myself this little belt with crochet flowers by Austrian-English brand Sabinna.

I stumbled upon lovely Sabinna Rachimova a few years ago when she was still running her blog "broken cookies" and followed her career all the way to where she is now: running her own label with focus on hand crochet, producing everything under fair conditions and in England and Austria.

Nowadays, belts are seen as less functional but more as a statement-piece and are therefore a crucial piece in any fashionistas wardrobe. Tying on a nice belt is probably one of the easiest ways to change up an uninspired look, such as my monochrome outfit of today. With the weather being super flaky at the moment, there is no fun in dressing up when the water could be up to your knees the next minute. Seriously, the rain caused a lot of problems in Berlin, but luckily, I stayed dry the whole time since I am busy working on different papers for uni and basically locked in my apartment.

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder


  1. Dieses Outfit ist super schön und gefällt mir ausgezeichnet. Speziell der süße Gürtel und die kleine Tasche.


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