Sunday, June 25, 2017


It seems like tailoring, especially in womenswear is not popular anymore, seeing as everybody likes to wear wide cut clothes and my outfit for today is no exception. As much as I love a great tailored suit on my man (or myself) or coats that fit extremely well, when it comes to everyday wear like blouses, dresses and skirts, my mantra is the bigger the betterWide shapes and baggy fits are not only meant for the skate park anymore, but can look super chic on women when combined right. Just don't think stepping up from an S to XL when buying a blouse will seal the deal. It is important to understand fit and know the rules, so you're okay with bending them a little.

I personally like my clothes to be wide and roomy, such as the black silk blouse I am wearing. It's wide enough to layer it over a turtleneck once the frost hits but also great to wear in summer without anything. This way I don't need too many blouses in my wardrobe but can experiment with the one I have. Both the blouse and skirt were made by me last year and I love combining them, as they are equally voluminous. Knowing how to create clothes is super handy and definitely helped me from an early age on to understand the importance of fit. Wolfschluckner clothes are not super experimental all the time, but there is always an idea behind everything and wide clothes are just perfect for layering - my favorite thing in the world ;-)


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder


  1. Deine selbstgemachte Bluse und der Rock sind einsame Spitze. Steht dir ausgezeichnet.

  2. Der Look ist einfach nur toll! Sieh super bequem aus und dabei auch noch sehr schick! :-) Ich mag auch die Tasche super gern.

    Liebe Grüße,



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