Thursday, June 15, 2017


There are a few things I would call my personal wardrobe staples, and besides black skinny jeans and white shirts, a sleek white blazer is one of them. I got hooked up with blazers when I was 15 already and since then my collection grew a lot. Fast forward to 2017, I can finally say, I have the most important options together: a tailored black one, a classic bouclé blazer, a fun one with flower print, three sleeveless blazers in black, white and grey (wait for the next heatwave where you still want to look fabulous!) and a vintage blue one from my mom that makes me look like a badass secretary from the 80s (without the shoulder pads).

Especially in spring/summer, white blazers are a must-have and such a no-brainer to style to be honest. Whether you pair them with a dress or in combination with culottes and a fun top, they instantly make you look fresh and ready to hit town, or the office/uni in my case. This one is especially fancy, since it has this little collar that is typical for smoking jackets. It's the perfect jacket to smarten up your business look while still looking accessible. Also, the line "All I care about is cats and posting new photos" on the t-shirt is super fun and very true. If one could see the photos I send to my boyfriend on Instagram, it is all about cats! I am the biggest Smoothie the cat fan there is and could look at her feed for hours :-D Already persuaded Julien into loving cats and becoming a cat person more and more .. ;-)

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

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  1. Ein tolles Ensemble. Gefällt mir ausgezeichnet.


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