Friday, May 5, 2017


Let's take a trip down memory lane with these photos I took before heading to Austria two weeks ago. I would not consider myself a globetrotter, although nowadays, if you take a closer look on many a Instagram bio it seems that almost everybody is one. However, I am more into day/weekend trips which is why the perfect hand luggage is very important to me. There were times when I traveled from Munich to Berlin, from Berlin to Vienna and from Vienna to Salzburg in only a few days. I've had quite the amount of carry-ons already, whether hardcase to luggage made out of fabric I have tried them all and most were generally broken after six months.

Thus, I teamed up with Tchibo to find the perfect hand-luggage and decided to give this black one a try, called "the flexible", which describes its features perfectly. It's a combination of hardcase and fabric, has the perfect size, even for flying with demanding airlines such as RyanAir and four spinner wheels, which is utterly convenient. Although I have only had it for a few weeks, I've used it on flights as well as lots of times to carry garments through Berlin. Fortunately, despite all of Wedding's obnoxious cobblestones, this suitcase is silent as could be and you won't hear me from 2 blocks away like many others. 
The best feature for myself though, is the padded inside pocket for laptops or tablets. I own a MacBook Air and it has suffered some damage on the screen, so I am constantly worried about whether it might break whether while traveling or simply at university. Thus to me padded compartments are a true livesaver.

In terms of styling when traveling, I always keep things casual and practical. I usually don't put on make-up when I travel cause I always fall asleep on the plane the minute I get on, which is why a scarf that can be used as a pillow is important to me as well. Traveling is all about layers, comfortable trousers and shoes (which you can take off quickly in case you have to at the security scan) and sunglasses to hide those tired and blunt eyes. I always make sure to take a small bag with me as well, which I could put in the suitcase if necessary. Lately I always had to hand in my hand-luggage so I only had a small purse with some essentials with me and filled my jacket pockets with everything I could possibly need on the plane :-D


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

shoes - DR. MARTENS
denim pants - ZARA (old)
pullover & leather jacket - MANGO
vest - WOLFSCHLUCKNER / selfmade
sunglasses - RAY BAN

suitcase - TCHIBO

This article was written in collaboration with Tchibo.
The suitcase was gifted by Tchibo but the opinions mentioned are mine.


  1. Ein wirklich toller Handgepäckskoffer und dein Outfit ist der Hammer.

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