Sunday, May 21, 2017


Instagram is known for setting trends, especially amongst bloggers. There was once "that thing with floors", where you posted pictures of your shoes atop of nice floors, but at the moment "that thing with sleeves" is all the rage and people even dedicate their profile to pretty sleeve pictures. And it's true, even I love a good sleeve as much as the next one, so I could not hide my excitement, when my good friend Rachel gave me this pretty blouse by the New York brand Protagonistwhich she worked for last year. It is a pretty basic blouse, the cut is slightly fitted and probably perfect if you're Meghan Markle on Suits, but the white collar and long white cuff would probably work better on the set of Younger (which is a pretty fun show and also plays in NYC by the way). Anyways, the blouse is outstanding and the perfect classic item with a little twist.

While the weather has reached its' peak, I am still adjusting to the warm temperatures and started off with my beloved culottes instead of going fully into it -- I am simply not ready for bare legs, yet. It has to happen eventually, but for now, I am good to go with slippers, culottes and "that thing with sleeves". Hope you like todays look! xx

pictures & editing by Sarah Fitzbauer

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  1. Sieht echt spitze aus. Die Bluse steht dir ausgezeichnet wie das gesamte Ensemble.


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