Thursday, May 25, 2017


When it comes to fashion, we all have those pieces we've been searching a long time for while almost going crazy when they were sold out or not available in our size anymore. For me, this kimono is one of those pieces. I found it online and fell for it because of the cut, color and fabric (I love everything made out of jacquard) but could not find it at any Zara. I always try the "check In-store availability" button but somehow that never seems to work or the universe just does not want to provide me with this special item and allows it to be sold to other fashion lovers. I asked every sales girl in every Zara store in Berlin (pretty obsessive I know) and finally found the kimono hanging on its tag under another jacket. I am pretty sure someone hid it there to get it later, but I immediately snatched it away and bought it without hesitation.

Although it wrinkles easily, it is a great piece to spice up casual outfits, channel your inner little geisha and of course the sleeves are fun too. What looks like a basic outfit is actually my new go-to look thanks to the comfortable fabrics. The top from COS is utterly soft and great for summer as well as the breezy culottes and after breaking in these beautiful pointy loafers, I have been wearing them non-stop.

Since I am currently sick and stressed out to the max because of uni, I have to keep this post short but will be back with some great new photos and stories -- can't wait! xx

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

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  1. Sieht wirklich fantastisch aus und die Jacke ist der Hammer.


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