Sunday, April 9, 2017


Interning for the past seven months at different companies had me think a lot about my future career as well as how I dress. Finding your own style is definitely not over when you're 23 and it's as hard as finding the right job. But it's okay to try out different things. Media influences us a lot and all those Fashion Blogs and Instagram accounts make it even harder to not compare yourself to others and distinguish your own personal style.

At fashion school in Austria I thought a lot about the way I dress and what my choice of clothes say about me. Most of us felt that way, I guess. At uni in Vienna though, when I started this blog, no one really cared anymore and I might have been a little bit overdressed for my literature lectures, but I wanted to look chic while thinking about what Jacques Derrida or Jean-Paul Sartre said, at uni and on my blog of course. 

The era of not actually wearing the outfits I posted on my blog came later. It started off with just changing shoes to appear taller and eventually led to taking up to three different looks with me and change in parking slots or on public toilets, which might sound pathetic but most bloggers do that. Question is, do I really want to be a plain blogger?

Isn't it crazy, that blogging became a stressful job where you plan your outfits in advance, scout a location and then pack your things on a Sunday morning at 7 am to not miss out on that perfect light while taking pictures? That is what stylists and fashion editors do and they definitely did not look chic all the time as they were behind the camera anyway.

While I organized a photoshoot for my application for AMD Berlin three years ago, a friend told me to always dress casual when taking photos/working on photoshoots. He meant wearing sweatpants and sneakers. For the past few months, I basically lived in my Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, a black pair of pants and a sweater or blouse. I fell into my bed after a 12-hour work day, did not bother to wash my hair and would not 'waste' a minute on thinking about what to wear tomorrow.

So I dressed all casual while driving around Berlin in Marina Hoermanseder's car, carrying garment bags full of clothes from one PR agency to another or helping photographers place props right and steam 300 items within two days. I know it's been said many times, but Fashion is not always about looking glamorous but about hard work and therefore my latest outfits have not been all dolled up or incredibly inspiring, but just plain outfits of the day, simply because I have been working and thinking more about the outcome of my work, rather than my clothes.

But here's one from about a month ago, when I had a content photo shoot with my friend Sarah. I wore all black everything with my completely worn out adidas, a statement jacket made by myself and big sunglasses to hide the fact that I am not wearing makeup, and of course, to hide from the world because this is just another simple outfit.

I recently read this really interesting article from one of my friends who's living in London at the moment. Bella, who is also studying Journalism and has been blogging for years now, is struggling with either being a journalist or a blogger. The question is, can there be a mix of both? 

photos by Sarah Fitzbauer


  1. Fantastisch, aber du siehst in jedem Outfit toll aus!

  2. Thanks for the shout out girl! xx


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