Sunday, April 23, 2017


Once again the 80s and 90s have proven to be THE source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. Lately, fishnet tights or stockings are all over my instagram feed and even the cutest girls out there are getting a badass image makeover. It's true though, fishnet tights come with a trashy vibe and I personally like them to be styled sophisticated. While most of influencers let them peek out from under the holes of their ripped jeans or show a few inches of fishnet above their pants' waistband (why though?) I decided to let them speak for themselves yet without giving them too much attention. Turns out my look is quite effortless, still playing with the current trend without being too ostentatious. The tights were a gift from my mom and I love that the net is not that big. There is still fabric in between which makes it a whole lot easier to put them on without tearing them apart.

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  1. Super schöne Bilder, das Outfit ist einfach toll und steht dir fantastisch.


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