Monday, April 3, 2017


For my latest collection, I made sweatpants out of my all-time favorite fabric: bouclé.
Though it goes without saying, that I am a big fan of the Chanel bouclé styles as well, I think the first time I saw this textile was when the Olsen twins launched a small collection in the early 2000s, when they sold rosé colored bouclé two-pieces, similar to the ones Chanel does.
For those of you who are not familiar with the fabric: bouclé is a type of yarn or fabric that has a loopy appearance. You can mix a lot of colors as the fabric is made from the combination of at least two strands of yarn and one of them is loose.

When talking about bouclé, one is immediately reminded of Coco Chanel’s jacket, which some people might say is antiquated but I personally enjoy it. Nevertheless, the brand is associated with the fabric and vice versa. When Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel he promised to be modern and he really managed to interpret this old-school but iconic fabric into something new and innovative. With every collection, there was something new made out of bouclé, like the hats with the veil, (one of my personal favorites) or sneakers and bags as an accessory to the all-over bouclé look.

Although Karl Lagerfeld once said "sweatpants are a sign of a defeat", I am pretty sure he changed his mind, seeing as bouclé sweats made their runway-debut at Chanel three years ago. Transforming such an iconic fabric into a garment found in literally everyone’s closet is simply ingenious.

I paired my pants super casual with a silk blouse, loafers and a cardigan; the perfect outfit for a Sunday walk and banana bread and coffee in your neighborhood.

photos by Sarah Fitzbauer

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  1. Genial, super schön und der Platz ist fantastisch!


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