Sunday, April 30, 2017


I've been meaning to get wide suit pants for quite a while now to have an alternative to my beloved skinny jeans. Although I am trying to buy less from H&M, Zara & Co and look for more high quality items, I have to confess that I found these at H&M about a month ago. I mainly fell for them because of the color but I've literally been living in them after making some minor alterations such as shortening them of course. As I mostly wear black pants, I thought about the upcoming spring/summer season and it was time for a change. Thus, they are super light, incredibly soft and can be paired both elegantly and casually.

As the title of today's post already implies, I chose the casual variation while still paying attention to style them with pieces that are minimal but have that extra something. The peplum pullover from COS certainly is such a piece, as well as the cute sneakers I bought in Paris last year. In all honesty, my worn-out Adidas or Converse would have ruined the look completely. Of course the right accessories are key and have to be a statement itself. I finally got my CĂ©line sunglasses adjusted at KaDeWe, so I wouldn't be scared anymore that they might fall off whenever I look down or turn around and the Karl Lagerfeld bag is another attempt to wear less black. Mission accomplished? I'd say so.


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

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  1. Ein tolles Ensemble und die Schuhe und der Pulli sind super.


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