Tuesday, March 14, 2017


It was time to do a tour through my apartment. Interior posts are not my speciality, but if you follow me for a while now, you might know that I've done room tours every time I moved to another city (which happened three times within my blogging career).

At the moment, I am super happy to live in a tiny shoebox by myself and not having annoying roommates with friends over or loud music mysteriously turning up when I am going to sleep (ok, that happens with my neighbours all the time actually). But since it is not easy to fit all my stuff in a tiny place like mine, one must get creative, and here's credits to my amazing parents. They've actually helped me moving every single time and they are seriously technically gifted. My dad should have become an architect and my mom should probably be a professional painter.
Whenever they come visit we usually have coffee and then hit the nearest building market, which in my case is Obi. My dad usually sits in my kitchen thinking about the next thing to build or work on to make my place more functional.

When I moved in here, it was the hottest day in July and although I was really excited, I was also frustrated as I did not think about buying shelves, shoe racks, sockets or light bulbs for example in advance. Despite there not being many bars or hipster coffee places in my neighbourhood, Obi is only a 10 minute walk away which was and still is lifesaving at times.

So we bought shelves, a mirror (I did not even think about a mirror for my bathroom), and just normal stuff like glue for my wallpaper, trash cans, lots of tools and so on. I also just got a 'new' kitchen table, which is vintage and me and my mom actually pimped it with a marble foil. She loves DIY's and also helped me put the wallpaper on my wall as I have always wanted to have one.

Now here are the photos of my apartment and don't forget to check out Obi's new campaign video. They offer personal consultation and will definitely help you plan your dream place or garden and make project planning super fun and creative.

This article was in cooperation with OBI.
The opinions mentioned are mine.


  1. Eine wirklich tolle und schöne Wohnung. Sehr stilvoll!

  2. Wow! Its a delicious combination of beautiful colours. I make it a point to read all your posts. You will like to see more fun from here.


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