Sunday, February 12, 2017


A typical outfit of the day, wearing a coat that covers my entire outfit only for the sake of keeping me warm. Although the temperatures have gotten milder, it is still insanely cold in Berlin, which is why my everyday outfit calls for lots of layers (which you wouldn't spot in one of the pictures). Who would not want to stay in a bathrobe all winter long? I definitely would, which is why this coat is a cosy lifesaver that simultaneously looks chic. Not without reason, is it called the bathrobe coat, and especially in camel, the perfect robe to throw on for every occasion. I, however, find it extremely pleasant to wear this coat on a daily basis, preferably with another coat and my favorite cashmere jumper underneath, paired with some slacks and sneakers. I must admit wearing these Vagabond babies was not the best idea for the current weather situation, I usually go for Dr Martens in order to prevent myself from slipping on my way to work, but it ruins all the fun if you have to be preoccupied with that, right? Additionally, I bought some furry slippers which I unfortunately won't be wearing for the next few months. Once you see them, you'll understand my frustration and that spring needs to return ;-)

Happy Sunday! xx

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

sneaker - Vagabond
pants - Zara
coat - Ivy & Oak
bag - Mango
sunglasses - Céline
hat - H&M

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  1. Ein super schöner Mantel und er steht dir blendend!


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