Sunday, June 25, 2017


It seems like tailoring, especially in womenswear is not popular anymore, seeing as everybody likes to wear wide cut clothes and my outfit for today is no exception. As much as I love a great tailored suit on my man (or myself) or coats that fit extremely well, when it comes to everyday wear like blouses, dresses and skirts, my mantra is the bigger the betterWide shapes and baggy fits are not only meant for the skate park anymore, but can look super chic on women when combined right. Just don't think stepping up from an S to XL when buying a blouse will seal the deal. It is important to understand fit and know the rules, so you're okay with bending them a little.

I personally like my clothes to be wide and roomy, such as the black silk blouse I am wearing. It's wide enough to layer it over a turtleneck once the frost hits but also great to wear in summer without anything. This way I don't need too many blouses in my wardrobe but can experiment with the one I have. Both the blouse and skirt were made by me last year and I love combining them, as they are equally voluminous. Knowing how to create clothes is super handy and definitely helped me from an early age on to understand the importance of fit. Wolfschluckner clothes are not super experimental all the time, but there is always an idea behind everything and wide clothes are just perfect for layering - my favorite thing in the world ;-)


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Thursday, June 15, 2017


There are a few things I would call my personal wardrobe staples, and besides black skinny jeans and white shirts, a sleek white blazer is one of them. I got hooked up with blazers when I was 15 already and since then my collection grew a lot. Fast forward to 2017, I can finally say, I have the most important options together: a tailored black one, a classic bouclé blazer, a fun one with flower print, three sleeveless blazers in black, white and grey (wait for the next heatwave where you still want to look fabulous!) and a vintage blue one from my mom that makes me look like a badass secretary from the 80s (without the shoulder pads).

Especially in spring/summer, white blazers are a must-have and such a no-brainer to style to be honest. Whether you pair them with a dress or in combination with culottes and a fun top, they instantly make you look fresh and ready to hit town, or the office/uni in my case. This one is especially fancy, since it has this little collar that is typical for smoking jackets. It's the perfect jacket to smarten up your business look while still looking accessible. Also, the line "All I care about is cats and posting new photos" on the t-shirt is super fun and very true. If one could see the photos I send to my boyfriend on Instagram, it is all about cats! I am the biggest Smoothie the cat fan there is and could look at her feed for hours :-D Already persuaded Julien into loving cats and becoming a cat person more and more .. ;-)

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Sunday, June 11, 2017


It must have been last year, that I fell in love with belt bags again when I saw lovely Nina wearing a gorgeous one by Tory Burch. I looked everywhere for it but it was sold out immediately and I did not want to settle for a cheap alternative from Asos, Zara & Co. Thus, I put the wish on hold until I saw this beauty a few weeks ago on one of my friends. It is teeny tiny and I am not experienced with that since I usually carry bigger bags, sometimes even two.

There's this quote by Mary-Kate Olsen: "I feel like when I carry a bigger bag, it looks like it's a huge bag because I'm really tiny. But I do think it is important to have the space that you need, because we throw everything in our bags at all times. I think every woman does." And I totally relate to her -- as I always carry so many things with me that at the end of the day I sometimes come home all grumpy and exhausted because my bag was way too heavy.

So I challenged myself to a just-the-essentials-companion and this brown one by Liebeskind is definitely a good start. You can either wear it as a belt bag, on your shoulder or crossbody. Ten years ago I had a fanny pack from Eastpak that made me look like a tourist wherever I went but this seasons hip-hugging bags are definitely more chic than ever and the best thing is: your hands are free for ice cream and shoppingbags!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I was too caught up with my portfolio website and just realized, while sorting through my photos aka procrastinating cause I have tons of things to do for uni, that I must have forgotten to share my latest lookbook pictures here on LOC with you. My good friend Kemara shot them in lovely Anais' room and as always, I was going crazy the weeks/months before, but it all worked out fine in the end. I started this collection already last summer, but it took me ages to finish it besides interning at three different companies and then I could never find a date where everybody was free. Planning shoots is one of my favorite activities but of course: the bigger the group, the harder it gets. Luckily, the boyfriend helped me out a lot and the whole team was super motivated and it was a wrap! I even managed to shoot two more outfits as I went a little mad and quickly finished them a day before =D That's what happens when you work on a new collection for a few months, you just get inspired everyday and want to make more and more .. 

  • Design & Styling: Carmen Wolfschluckner
  • Assistant: Julien Gentle
  • Photgraphy: Kemara Pol
  • MUA: Silvia Schwarz
  • Models: Katharina Fuchs (IXME Berlin) & Carlotta Diercks (VIVA Models)

This collection was inspired by my home country as well as my last name. Having a particular name such as Wolfschluckner, leads to creative interpretation and inspired me to work with faux fur as well as leather for the first time. The silhouette is mainly straight although the items can be paired differently and tucked in - if desired.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


When it comes to fashion, we all have those pieces we've been searching a long time for while almost going crazy when they were sold out or not available in our size anymore. For me, this kimono is one of those pieces. I found it online and fell for it because of the cut, color and fabric (I love everything made out of jacquard) but could not find it at any Zara. I always try the "check In-store availability" button but somehow that never seems to work or the universe just does not want to provide me with this special item and allows it to be sold to other fashion lovers. I asked every sales girl in every Zara store in Berlin (pretty obsessive I know) and finally found the kimono hanging on its tag under another jacket. I am pretty sure someone hid it there to get it later, but I immediately snatched it away and bought it without hesitation.

Although it wrinkles easily, it is a great piece to spice up casual outfits, channel your inner little geisha and of course the sleeves are fun too. What looks like a basic outfit is actually my new go-to look thanks to the comfortable fabrics. The top from COS is utterly soft and great for summer as well as the breezy culottes and after breaking in these beautiful pointy loafers, I have been wearing them non-stop.

Since I am currently sick and stressed out to the max because of uni, I have to keep this post short but will be back with some great new photos and stories -- can't wait! xx

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder


Summer is finally here and I teamed up with my dear Alma, one of the most talented photographers I know. If you follow me for a while now, you might remember this editorial we took for Triangl Swimwear back in 2013 when I lived in Sweden. That summer I met her for the first time through her cousin and sweet Alma was still in high school and only 17 years old - can you imagine? We have been following each other ever since and I am seriously impressed by her progress and was super excited when she announced her visit to Berlin a couple of weeks ago. We met up at Schloss Charlottenburg as Alma requested flowers and a summery scenery, which I totally misread. Although I've been living in Berlin for more than three years, I sometimes still struggle with finding the perfect location, especially if it requires nature. It is not like there aren't enough parks in Berlin, because trust me, there are, but I simply never shoot in the green - which is a shame and a thing I should consider changing from now on.

Nevertheless, we found some great spots with at least a few flowers and I have been dying to show you the photos! In terms of styling, I kept things lowkey and my hair au naturel as I had a busy week and did not want to dress up. Since 90s fashion is still going strong, I decided to play with the good old t-shirt-under-dress-combination. Pulling off the slip dress over a plain white t-shirt is easy and already a bit boring and mainstream, so I went for a wrap dress instead. It is safe to say that this is my new go-to look as it is summery and the perfect mix between feminine and cool -- plus, it features my favorite fashion-related-word: layering. Normally "summer" and "layering" would not go together, but this combination definitely proves everyone wrong. I can totally see myself styling this with sneakers, a lace top or even boots in fall! xx

pictures by Alma Bengtsson

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Instagram is known for setting trends, especially amongst bloggers. There was once "that thing with floors", where you posted pictures of your shoes atop of nice floors, but at the moment "that thing with sleeves" is all the rage and people even dedicate their profile to pretty sleeve pictures. And it's true, even I love a good sleeve as much as the next one, so I could not hide my excitement, when my good friend Rachel gave me this pretty blouse by the New York brand Protagonistwhich she worked for last year. It is a pretty basic blouse, the cut is slightly fitted and probably perfect if you're Meghan Markle on Suits, but the white collar and long white cuff would probably work better on the set of Younger (which is a pretty fun show and also plays in NYC by the way). Anyways, the blouse is outstanding and the perfect classic item with a little twist.

While the weather has reached its' peak, I am still adjusting to the warm temperatures and started off with my beloved culottes instead of going fully into it -- I am simply not ready for bare legs, yet. It has to happen eventually, but for now, I am good to go with slippers, culottes and "that thing with sleeves". Hope you like todays look! xx

pictures & editing by Sarah Fitzbauer

Friday, May 12, 2017


Esprit was probably the first brand I've ever perceived, while growing up in a small-town, where you can count the clothing stores on one hand. As a designer myself, I find it inspiring that the founders started the company by selling selfmade garments out of their hatchback and managed to grow their business enormously. They recently teamed up again with Opening Ceremony, and I was lucky enough to be invited to their pre-shopping event at KaDeWe while the gallery weekend was taking place in Berlin too. I love dressing up as much as I love wearing casual clothes, so this sweatshirt from the current collection was a no-brainer for me. I simply had to have it and with the city figuring out what season it wants to have next, it is also really handy to have another item that keeps you warm and makes you look cool at the same time. The logo sweatshirt I am wearing is only available at the three selected stores that sell the new collection, but this one here is similar and definitely as great as mine.

You can either pair it with mom jeans and pointy flats or take it up a notch and layer it over a summery dress with little heels. I totally forgot how much fun it is to mix sporty pieces like sweatshirts and hoodies with feminine garments to add some seriousness to a look. With athleisure being a big trend at the moment, there is nothing you're not allowed to wear on the streets, however, I feel like it should never look like you're about to go to the gym when you're not. Thus, I'd recommend to always spice up your sporty-chic outfit with high quality accessories (talking bags and sunglasses), a  nice lipstick and please, whatever you do, don't wear a ponytail.


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Friday, May 5, 2017


Let's take a trip down memory lane with these photos I took before heading to Austria two weeks ago. I would not consider myself a globetrotter, although nowadays, if you take a closer look on many a Instagram bio it seems that almost everybody is one. However, I am more into day/weekend trips which is why the perfect hand luggage is very important to me. There were times when I traveled from Munich to Berlin, from Berlin to Vienna and from Vienna to Salzburg in only a few days. I've had quite the amount of carry-ons already, whether hardcase to luggage made out of fabric I have tried them all and most were generally broken after six months.

Thus, I teamed up with Tchibo to find the perfect hand-luggage and decided to give this black one a try, called "the flexible", which describes its features perfectly. It's a combination of hardcase and fabric, has the perfect size, even for flying with demanding airlines such as RyanAir and four spinner wheels, which is utterly convenient. Although I have only had it for a few weeks, I've used it on flights as well as lots of times to carry garments through Berlin. Fortunately, despite all of Wedding's obnoxious cobblestones, this suitcase is silent as could be and you won't hear me from 2 blocks away like many others. 
The best feature for myself though, is the padded inside pocket for laptops or tablets. I own a MacBook Air and it has suffered some damage on the screen, so I am constantly worried about whether it might break whether while traveling or simply at university. Thus to me padded compartments are a true livesaver.

In terms of styling when traveling, I always keep things casual and practical. I usually don't put on make-up when I travel cause I always fall asleep on the plane the minute I get on, which is why a scarf that can be used as a pillow is important to me as well. Traveling is all about layers, comfortable trousers and shoes (which you can take off quickly in case you have to at the security scan) and sunglasses to hide those tired and blunt eyes. I always make sure to take a small bag with me as well, which I could put in the suitcase if necessary. Lately I always had to hand in my hand-luggage so I only had a small purse with some essentials with me and filled my jacket pockets with everything I could possibly need on the plane :-D


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

shoes - DR. MARTENS
denim pants - ZARA (old)
pullover & leather jacket - MANGO
vest - WOLFSCHLUCKNER / selfmade
sunglasses - RAY BAN

suitcase - TCHIBO

This article was written in collaboration with Tchibo.
The suitcase was gifted by Tchibo but the opinions mentioned are mine.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


I've been meaning to get wide suit pants for quite a while now to have an alternative to my beloved skinny jeans. Although I am trying to buy less from H&M, Zara & Co and look for more high quality items, I have to confess that I found these at H&M about a month ago. I mainly fell for them because of the color but I've literally been living in them after making some minor alterations such as shortening them of course. As I mostly wear black pants, I thought about the upcoming spring/summer season and it was time for a change. Thus, they are super light, incredibly soft and can be paired both elegantly and casually.

As the title of today's post already implies, I chose the casual variation while still paying attention to style them with pieces that are minimal but have that extra something. The peplum pullover from COS certainly is such a piece, as well as the cute sneakers I bought in Paris last year. In all honesty, my worn-out Adidas or Converse would have ruined the look completely. Of course the right accessories are key and have to be a statement itself. I finally got my Céline sunglasses adjusted at KaDeWe, so I wouldn't be scared anymore that they might fall off whenever I look down or turn around and the Karl Lagerfeld bag is another attempt to wear less black. Mission accomplished? I'd say so.


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

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