Monday, October 16, 2017


It is finally out: our editorial for this years issue of "Glanz" magazine, a magazine especially made for the Bundespresseball in Berlin. Me and my classmates teamed up for the last time and organized and styled an evening gown editorial with Berlin based photographer Boris Krajl and mega model Leni ;-) I had to keep the photos a secret for a while since we already took them in May but now that the magazine is finally published, I am delighted to share them with you.

In all honesty, it was not easy to find couture dresses that are ball worthy, especially because we wanted them to be from Berlin based designers only. Luckily, the boyfriend introduced me to one of his old high school friends, Justin Reddig, who went on to become a designer and makes stunning and exquisite dresses in his atelier a little outside of Berlin. As a big fan of Nobi Talai I also wanted to include one of her dresses. I admire her designs simply because they always look effortlessly chic and super feminine without the need of showing a lot of skin.

The whole magazine was under the topic "perspectives", which is why we chose to shoot both on location and in the studio and combined the backgrounds as well. We also thought it would be intriguing to shoot from different angles and for example put Leni on a garbage can and shoot from further down (guess which photo was taken that way ;-)

Production: Liesa Eschemann, Zsa Zsa Gersina, Linda Krüger, Mirta Sander, Carmen Wolfschluckner
Photography: Boris Krajl
Model: Leni, via Mega Models
Make-Up and Hair: Patrick Susic, Nina Klein

dress: Barbara Schwarz
jewelry: Juwelier Leicht

dress: Justin Reddig
jewelry: Juwelier Leicht

dress: Ewa Herzog
jewelry: Juwelier Leicht

dress: Justin Reddig
jewelry: Juwelier Leicht

dress: Kaviar Gauche
jewelry: Juwelier Leicht

dress: Nobi Talai
jewelry: Juwelier Leicht

dress: Frida Weyer
jewelry: Juwelier Leicht

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I have been meaning to show you these posters for quite a while now  and finally managed to snap some pictures. After living in my tiny apartment for more than two years I wanted a change and opted for some new posters and frames. Therefore, I teamed up with Desenio, an online shop that has a great variety of posters which perfectly match my apartments' white/dark brown/grey color scheme. When it comes to pictures, I really like drawings that don't look too intentional as well as flowers and quotes or funny sentences.

As I am still sewing a lot I thought the drawing of the coat would be nice on my work desk as well as the crumpled paper next to it. I really like the texture of the paper and it reminds me that not every idea is perfect but also does not have to land in the trashcan either.
Seeing as I am a big fan of flowers and nearly buy a bouquet a week, I thought it would be a lovely idea to have some pictures of flowers as a substitute for fresh ones ;-) It also really calms me down when looking at it. The "Oh crépe" poster reminds me of my dad and us having crépe every year at the christmas markets. It is also a fun addition to my kitchen posters, whereas the photograph of the lady with the hat has no deeper meaning or whatsoever but I really like this photo. It might have something to do with me loving hats or maybe it is because she looks like she is having a great time all by herself on the beach.

There were so many amazing photos on the Desenio website, especially if you are looking for black and white posters like I did. Obviously it was quite hard to decide, but I am happy with the outcome and grateful to provide you with a code to get a little discount for yourself. Use the code "LACKOFCOLOR" to get 25% off posters (except handpicked" posters and frames) between 10-12th of October. And for more inspiration, simply follow @desenio on their social media channels!

This post was in cooperation with Desenio, still the expressed opinions are solely mine.

Friday, October 6, 2017


With the weather being very agreeable at the moment (except for yesterday, where a storm hit Berlin and my train to Düsseldorf got cancelled and I arrived late to my weekend seminar) it is not hard to find something nice to wear. My latest go-to outfit always includes a turtleneck: not only does it look chic and sophisticated but it also prevents a sore-throat and is the perfect base for layering. Next up are wide legged trousers, preferably ones that don't wrinkle after sitting in the u bahn for two minutes. Although I am only a 5ft 2 I love to wear voluminous trousers as they add some movement to your look. Just make sure to shorten them if necessary, otherwise you have to hold them all the time like a princess walking upstairs trying not to fall (trust me, it happened to me once).

I personally think that clothes have to be both chic and comfortable but also functional. These Uniqlo pants are wonderfully soft, have a very wide cut and don't seem to wrinkle at all. While I was never much of a fan of jersey, I can finally understand Coco Chanel and her love for everything made out of this lovely fabric. Now if you wear jersey, it's important to pair it with some high quality accessories/fabrics, as it isn't only less expensive but can also appear a bit cheap. For todays look, I decided to go with my Gucci loafers and an old floral blazer from Zara as the sun was shining and I was in the mood for something colorful. 

Monday, September 25, 2017


Right now I am wondering when I last saw a blogger/influencer wear a cardigan. Nowadays it is all about blazers and hoodies and the good old knitted cardigan kind of got lost along the way. Although most bloggers name the Olsen Twins as their number one fashion inspiration, they all forget that they actually wear cardigans on a regular basis. Ashley sported some very brave choices, from super-granny to oversized, patchwork-y and floor length.

I personally love cardigans, especially for being warm, comfortable and if they are slouchy enough, you can snuggle up and feel even more cosy. Of course the material is important too. I recently picked up a mohair cardigan from Esprit and it is the ideal garment to wear right now. I think I speak for everybody who is cold all the time when I say Berlin is way too cold for this time of the year. The material and color were definitely the most important part in getting this cardigan, but the one thing that convinced me was the hood. You might know that I went to Hamburg two weeks ago and while it was literally pouring the whole weekend, I realized I don't have any clothes that have a hood. While I have plenty of jumpers and sweatshirts, they all miss some sort of protection from the rain and wind. Ever since I got back, I was on a mission to find something with a hood, stumbled upon this beige cardigan and the rest is (shopping)history.

Additionally, if you are still feeling cold, you can never go wrong with a leather jacket on top to finish the whole model-off-duty-look. By the way, when I escorted my friend Sarah to the tattooist yesterday, my beloved leather jacket got stolen for about twenty minutes. I was obviously quite upset seeing as she left (me) her old and wrecked leather jacket at the studio, but since the owner had all her contact details, we called her up and insisted on her coming back instantly. In my three and a half years in Berlin I have never gotten robbed or anything, but I know quite a lot of stories so if you're ever here, watch out for your stuff and maybe don't trust everybody right away ;-)

Sunday, September 17, 2017


As some of you might have noticed, I am currently interning at Off Ones Rocker Publishing in Berlin. We publish magazines such as Fraeulein magazine, Numéro Berlin, Numéro Homme and others. The last few weeks were extremly stressful as we were working on the latest editorials and texts for the new issues which will be printed and at your local newspaper stand within the next month. This busy phase caused a stop in my blogpost routine, which I was hoping to avoid, but with working on my final piece for AMD and starting to study at a uni abroad, I simply had no choice. Also, at work I keep things pretty casual as all I do is lift boxes, run around carrying clothes from one location to another and there is simply no point in wearing Gucci loafers or pleated blouses.

However, I missed blogging, taking pictures and wearing something else than a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. So without much further ado, here's what I currently like to wear (in my free-time):

I am obsessed with wide trousers at the moment, not only because they make me appear taller (at least that's what the boyfriend said) but also because I am tired of wearing skinny jeans for over a decade now. One could argue, as the pants are so voluminous, it's best to wear something more sleek or fitted on top, but I don't agree. This blue blouse is perfect as you can tuck it in and still keep the whole outfit loose and casual. The bigger the better. As for shoes: anything will work with these pants.  My choice is a desperate attempt to sticking to summer and its warm temperatures as I am not ready for the cold season yet. Loafers are actually a great alternative for sneakers/boots in fall as they look less casual. You can style them with fun socks or no socks at all and wear them at the office, on dates or formal events. I personally hope the weather stays like this for a bit, so I can stick with my beloved loafers before swapping to boots.

Thursday, August 24, 2017


I recently read an article about dresses over jeans. By showing off a bunch of stars from the early 2000s wearing tight slip dresses over bootcut jeans paired with baker boy hats, the author made her opinion pretty clear that this style should never return to the fashion world. Although I am not with every outfit that has been worn by Britney or Xtina in the era of low rise jeans and ultra crop tops, dresses over jeans have always been one of my favorite layering games for late summer/early autumn days. If you don't want to leave your treasured summer dress in the back of your closet and still take it out for a spin once it gets chilly, pants are the perfect solution to stay warm.

My love for this special pairing started by wearing leggings underneath, but after a brief period of wearing them on a daily basis at the age of 12, I lost interest and only wear them at the gym now. So what's the key to making it work?
The easiest way is to wear trousers in the same color and fabric as your dress, which makes your look very elegant even when you're not (as seen in this look). If you decide on different colored pants, make sure the upper part is not too wide and has many pockets, otherwise it could end up looking bulky. One of my main choices is to keep everything loose and voluminous, both the dress and the trousers or in today's case: cropped jeans look especially relaxed and make you appear taller than you actually are.

At first, it is not that easy to find the right combination, but you will find what works best for you and I usually just go with my gut and don't think about rules or what others might say. 

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Being obsessed with all kinds of pleats, I had to get this blouse at the Mango sale and take it out for pictures as soon as possible. It might not be a desk-job-friendly item (although I would love to wear it to work but know it would get dirty and wrinkly), but an exquisite piece for special occasions and the next date night. In combination with my current messy hairdo's, as a consequence of working too much, the look has something old fashioned I would say. Pleats tend to make you look like a secretary from the 40s, so if you choose to wear them, pair them wisely. In order to not look like the cast in Mad Men, I wore my black self-made pants and brown loafers. Classy and contemporary at the same time. 

By the way, it is true what they say about Gucci loafers: they are insanely comfortable and that I have been living in them all summer should be proof enough. Finding them second-hand on Vestiaire Collective meant I avoided having to break them in, which is usually the worst part of buying new shoes. In addition to the shoes I took out my beloved Liebeskind bag which has been my constant companion this summer, especially on holidays in Austria and Hungary.

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


What to do with the leftover fabric after sewing something for a customer? Right, make yourself a little something, because throwing it away is definitely not an option.

I recently realized I did not have a single plain white T-shirt although I always crave one, so I took matters into my own hands and quickly sewed one out of white cotton I found at home. This is probably the best part about being a designer/tailor: if you want something, you can simply make it. As a special and fun feature, I decided to call it the "Wo Girl Tee", which I printed on the front in small letters. When I was about fifteen years old I made the decision to change my last name on all social platforms to "Wo" (German translation: where) instead of "Wolfschluckner", so people would not find me immediately and just stayed with it. I like to refer to the girls wearing my clothes as the >Wo girls<, which reminds me of a small group of modern and sophisticated yet still fun and silly girls who prefer quality and originality over quantity.

Nevertheless, white T-shirts are cool, versatile and can be worn any day of the year but sometimes you got to ask yourself what you can do to spruce it up a little bit and make it more fashion-forward. I decided to pull-out my black COS skirt which I haven't shown on the blog before, but off-screen has been featured quite prolifically. I styled the whole outfit with elegant accessories, such as suede pointed loafers, big black Céline shades and what every French girl loves momentarily: a basket bag (made out of leather though, because straw is only good for hats to be honest).

pictures by Anais Eleni

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


A little holiday spirit might be perfect over here since I am still in the holiday blues because the days of waking up super early, having breakfast on the terrace and relaxing in the sun are no more. After a quite stressful semester (which was actually my last), I took two weeks off, headed to Vienna and Budapest and then home to see my family and friends. It was a much needed vacation (also: way too short) and although I did not come back tanned at all, at least I feel relaxed and ready to conquer new challenges, such as a new internship and my final assignment for uni.

On my way, I picked up this beautiful tunika at Oyhso in Budapest, a shop I really fell in love with when I first visited Paris last year. I am usually not into ethno styles, but the blue embroidery and wide sleeves are adorable and it would have been idiotic not to get it. Especially after arriving at my parents house, I quickly realized it was THE perfect item and I almost wore it daily. I did not bring much clothes with me anyway, but being a big fan of jumpsuits, I knew tunikas would be very similar: they both score by being super easy to throw on and looking dressed-up within a minute. Especially where I come from, you don't have to always dress up lavishly but instead wear your five favorite pieces you brought with you and you're good to go. It is nice to sometimes not think about fashion and whenever I wanted to spruce up a little bit, I always had my mothers and sisters closets to discover. Trust me, I wanted to steal bits and pieces, but my suitcase was too heavy from all the shoes I took with me, cause in all honesty, I might have taken three shirts with me, but four pairs of shoes to fill the space in my suitcase ;-)

Monday, July 24, 2017


You want to know the secret to surviving the summer heat when you are not into showing off your butt cheeks by wearing tiny shorts and micro crop tops that look like they belong to your little sister? It's called linen. The fabric is woven from the flax plant and therefore breathes remarkably well and helps you stay cool. Although linen wrinkles easily, which is a bit annoying, the positive characteristics supersede the negative, such as the comfortable feel and pretty look.

For me, having linen in my closet is an absolute must and not negotiable. I already convinced my boyfriend to stack up on linen pieces (mostly shirts), seeing as Uniqlo has some great variations. Especially when traveling, it can be a lifesaver for the hot and humid climate. I wore this outfit in Vienna about a week ago where we stayed at the Kempinski hotel as every year. On our way out we quickly snapped a few pictures, as I wanted to present you two new pieces from my wardrobe: this striped linen dress and my suede Gucci loafers.

I bought the dress a few days after my 24th birthday from a small shop in Berlin called "Storia". It is located on Rosenthaler Straße and it was actually the first time we went in there. It looks plain from the outside but I am happy Julien dragged me in so I could score this beautiful striped dress. I love all things stripy and since the dress was on sale as well, there was no way to stop me.

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