Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Being obsessed with all kinds of pleats, I had to get this blouse at the Mango sale and take it out for pictures as soon as possible. It might not be a desk-job-friendly item (although I would love to wear it to work but know it would get dirty and wrinkly), but an exquisite piece for special occasions and the next date night. In combination with my current messy hairdo's, as a consequence of working too much, the look has something old fashioned I would say. Pleats tend to make you look like a secretary from the 40s, so if you choose to wear them, pair them wisely. In order to not look like the cast in Mad Men, I wore my black self-made pants and brown loafers. Classy and contemporary at the same time. 

By the way, it is true what they say about Gucci loafers: they are insanely comfortable and that I have been living in them all summer should be proof enough. Finding them second-hand on Vestiaire Collective meant I avoided having to break them in, which is usually the worst part of buying new shoes. In addition to the shoes I took out my beloved Liebeskind bag which has been my constant companion this summer, especially on holidays in Austria and Hungary.

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


What to do with the leftover fabric after sewing something for a customer? Right, make yourself a little something, because throwing it away is definitely not an option.

I recently realized I did not have a single plain white T-shirt although I always crave one, so I took matters into my own hands and quickly sewed one out of white cotton I found at home. This is probably the best part about being a designer/tailor: if you want something, you can simply make it. As a special and fun feature, I decided to call it the "Wo Girl Tee", which I printed on the front in small letters. When I was about fifteen years old I made the decision to change my last name on all social platforms to "Wo" (German translation: where) instead of "Wolfschluckner", so people would not find me immediately and just stayed with it. I like to refer to the girls wearing my clothes as the >Wo girls<, which reminds me of a small group of modern and sophisticated yet still fun and silly girls who prefer quality and originality over quantity.

Nevertheless, white T-shirts are cool, versatile and can be worn any day of the year but sometimes you got to ask yourself what you can do to spruce it up a little bit and make it more fashion-forward. I decided to pull-out my black COS skirt which I haven't shown on the blog before, but off-screen has been featured quite prolifically. I styled the whole outfit with elegant accessories, such as suede pointed loafers, big black Céline shades and what every French girl loves momentarily: a basket bag (made out of leather though, because straw is only good for hats to be honest).

pictures by Anais Eleni

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


A little holiday spirit might be perfect over here since I am still in the holiday blues because the days of waking up super early, having breakfast on the terrace and relaxing in the sun are no more. After a quite stressful semester (which was actually my last), I took two weeks off, headed to Vienna and Budapest and then home to see my family and friends. It was a much needed vacation (also: way too short) and although I did not come back tanned at all, at least I feel relaxed and ready to conquer new challenges, such as a new internship and my final assignment for uni.

On my way, I picked up this beautiful tunika at Oyhso in Budapest, a shop I really fell in love with when I first visited Paris last year. I am usually not into ethno styles, but the blue embroidery and wide sleeves are adorable and it would have been idiotic not to get it. Especially after arriving at my parents house, I quickly realized it was THE perfect item and I almost wore it daily. I did not bring much clothes with me anyway, but being a big fan of jumpsuits, I knew tunikas would be very similar: they both score by being super easy to throw on and looking dressed-up within a minute. Especially where I come from, you don't have to always dress up lavishly but instead wear your five favorite pieces you brought with you and you're good to go. It is nice to sometimes not think about fashion and whenever I wanted to spruce up a little bit, I always had my mothers and sisters closets to discover. Trust me, I wanted to steal bits and pieces, but my suitcase was too heavy from all the shoes I took with me, cause in all honesty, I might have taken three shirts with me, but four pairs of shoes to fill the space in my suitcase ;-)

Monday, July 24, 2017


You want to know the secret to surviving the summer heat when you are not into showing off your butt cheeks by wearing tiny shorts and micro crop tops that look like they belong to your little sister? It's called linen. The fabric is woven from the flax plant and therefore breathes remarkably well and helps you stay cool. Although linen wrinkles easily, which is a bit annoying, the positive characteristics supersede the negative, such as the comfortable feel and pretty look.

For me, having linen in my closet is an absolute must and not negotiable. I already convinced my boyfriend to stack up on linen pieces (mostly shirts), seeing as Uniqlo has some great variations. Especially when traveling, it can be a lifesaver for the hot and humid climate. I wore this outfit in Vienna about a week ago where we stayed at the Kempinski hotel as every year. On our way out we quickly snapped a few pictures, as I wanted to present you two new pieces from my wardrobe: this striped linen dress and my suede Gucci loafers.

I bought the dress a few days after my 24th birthday from a small shop in Berlin called "Storia". It is located on Rosenthaler Straße and it was actually the first time we went in there. It looks plain from the outside but I am happy Julien dragged me in so I could score this beautiful striped dress. I love all things stripy and since the dress was on sale as well, there was no way to stop me.

Monday, July 17, 2017


More is more!
The oversize-trend is stepping up its' game:
More fabric, more volume, more leg space.

Our final uni project, a magazine about fashion, culture, art and music called WERK VI is finally out! 
The launch party took place at uni on Thursday night and was a huge success. Here's one of the editorials I worked on together with my colleague Liesa.

Monday, July 10, 2017


As it was my 24th birthday last week, I wanted to get myself a little something and found this cute dalmatian printed polo shirt by English brand People TreeWhile the polo shirt usually reminds us of our fathers and their tacky golf outfits, the 2017 revamped versions with fun patterns and better fabrics are definitely more appealing. As a lover of animal prints, I had to get my hands on it and styled it rather casual. Mom jeans and a polo shirt might seem like a wrong idea but they actually make the perfect match - who would have thought? As always, the choice of shoes make or break the look: this time, wearing pointy-flats works to my advance and made me look like the young grown-up I am slowly turning into.

For a few months now, I have been trying to change my shopping habits and shop mindfully. Which means: buy less and if I really want/need something, I try to find a sustainable alternative. Having spent tons of hours on blogs such as Dariadaria's, I found a lot of great eco labels (such as People tree) that sell really nice clothes and if they exceed my budget, I look for a second hand version. My most expensive garments like the Burberry trenchcoat and Louis Vuitton backpack are second hand finds as well and I wouldn't want to miss them!

Before we shot photos, the bf and I had the most delicious birthday brunch at Café Benedict. It is located in Wilmersdorf and everything on their menu is to die for! They make everything fresh and served us fantastic mimosas to go with the food. Definitely a must-visit if you're ever in Berlin!

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Sunday, July 2, 2017


It's no surprise that silhouettes have to be reinterpreted every once in a while, and although I am all about wide clothes, as seen in my last post, a little cinched waist never hurt nobody. With the fashion world drowning in chokers, gucci belts and those bold waist belts you tie together like a karate kid, I could not resist and got myself this little belt with crochet flowers by Austrian-English brand Sabinna.

I stumbled upon lovely Sabinna Rachimova a few years ago when she was still running her blog "broken cookies" and followed her career all the way to where she is now: running her own label with focus on hand crochet, producing everything under fair conditions and in England and Austria.

Nowadays, belts are seen as less functional but more as a statement-piece and are therefore a crucial piece in any fashionistas wardrobe. Tying on a nice belt is probably one of the easiest ways to change up an uninspired look, such as my monochrome outfit of today. With the weather being super flaky at the moment, there is no fun in dressing up when the water could be up to your knees the next minute. Seriously, the rain caused a lot of problems in Berlin, but luckily, I stayed dry the whole time since I am busy working on different papers for uni and basically locked in my apartment.

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Sunday, June 25, 2017


It seems like tailoring, especially in womenswear is not popular anymore, seeing as everybody likes to wear wide cut clothes and my outfit for today is no exception. As much as I love a great tailored suit on my man (or myself) or coats that fit extremely well, when it comes to everyday wear like blouses, dresses and skirts, my mantra is the bigger the betterWide shapes and baggy fits are not only meant for the skate park anymore, but can look super chic on women when combined right. Just don't think stepping up from an S to XL when buying a blouse will seal the deal. It is important to understand fit and know the rules, so you're okay with bending them a little.

I personally like my clothes to be wide and roomy, such as the black silk blouse I am wearing. It's wide enough to layer it over a turtleneck once the frost hits but also great to wear in summer without anything. This way I don't need too many blouses in my wardrobe but can experiment with the one I have. Both the blouse and skirt were made by me last year and I love combining them, as they are equally voluminous. Knowing how to create clothes is super handy and definitely helped me from an early age on to understand the importance of fit. Wolfschluckner clothes are not super experimental all the time, but there is always an idea behind everything and wide clothes are just perfect for layering - my favorite thing in the world ;-)


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Thursday, June 15, 2017


There are a few things I would call my personal wardrobe staples, and besides black skinny jeans and white shirts, a sleek white blazer is one of them. I got hooked up with blazers when I was 15 already and since then my collection grew a lot. Fast forward to 2017, I can finally say, I have the most important options together: a tailored black one, a classic bouclé blazer, a fun one with flower print, three sleeveless blazers in black, white and grey (wait for the next heatwave where you still want to look fabulous!) and a vintage blue one from my mom that makes me look like a badass secretary from the 80s (without the shoulder pads).

Especially in spring/summer, white blazers are a must-have and such a no-brainer to style to be honest. Whether you pair them with a dress or in combination with culottes and a fun top, they instantly make you look fresh and ready to hit town, or the office/uni in my case. This one is especially fancy, since it has this little collar that is typical for smoking jackets. It's the perfect jacket to smarten up your business look while still looking accessible. Also, the line "All I care about is cats and posting new photos" on the t-shirt is super fun and very true. If one could see the photos I send to my boyfriend on Instagram, it is all about cats! I am the biggest Smoothie the cat fan there is and could look at her feed for hours :-D Already persuaded Julien into loving cats and becoming a cat person more and more .. ;-)

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

Sunday, June 11, 2017


It must have been last year, that I fell in love with belt bags again when I saw lovely Nina wearing a gorgeous one by Tory Burch. I looked everywhere for it but it was sold out immediately and I did not want to settle for a cheap alternative from Asos, Zara & Co. Thus, I put the wish on hold until I saw this beauty a few weeks ago on one of my friends. It is teeny tiny and I am not experienced with that since I usually carry bigger bags, sometimes even two.

There's this quote by Mary-Kate Olsen: "I feel like when I carry a bigger bag, it looks like it's a huge bag because I'm really tiny. But I do think it is important to have the space that you need, because we throw everything in our bags at all times. I think every woman does." And I totally relate to her -- as I always carry so many things with me that at the end of the day I sometimes come home all grumpy and exhausted because my bag was way too heavy.

So I challenged myself to a just-the-essentials-companion and this brown one by Liebeskind is definitely a good start. You can either wear it as a belt bag, on your shoulder or crossbody. Ten years ago I had a fanny pack from Eastpak that made me look like a tourist wherever I went but this seasons hip-hugging bags are definitely more chic than ever and the best thing is: your hands are free for ice cream and shoppingbags!

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

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