pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

And here we are again with yet another new outfit celebrating my last uni day before Fashionweek and exam madness starts. I bought this dress with my sister and absolutely love it. It is quite short but goes perfectly with my new leather jacket by Bomboogie. You guys know that I am a sucker for everything made of leather and although I already have a black leather jacket, this one is more like a short bomber jacket and therefor another great addition to my wardrobe. I love how it does not need a proper collar to look cool and badass. Furthermore, I have never seen the combination of leather and cloth look so sophisticated and valuable. As always, I have plenty of outfits in my head about how to style this black beauty, but for now, I paired it rather elegant with a dress, that is perfect for the current heatwave in Berlin and some high heels. What do you think, especially about my new leather jacket?


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder
Happy Friday guys! With today's look, I am channeling my inner Blair Waldorf, except the dirty sneakers and denim jacket of course. But I was so happy when the most beautiful ruffled blouse I have ever seen arrived a couple of days ago at my place. My love for white blouses is endless and I can say I've got a pretty decent collection already, but this one by Italian brand European Culture is taking my white-blouse-game to a new level. I love the trumpet sleeves, the fact that the blouse is a bit wider in general and it is not see-through at all! I so can't wait to wear it over and over again, but for now, I paired it with this red peplum skirt I haven't worn in years and my new sunnies that look a lot like the CĂ©line ones I still need to get my hands on some day.


pictures by Anni
It's weird that I never posted these pictures because I did not really like them that much after taking them. Ten months later I actually like them enough to share them with you on the blog. It's also a nice way to tell you that my girl Anni is coming to Berlin in two weeks and I can't waaaaait! We took these pictures last summer in Munich and now we'll be reunited again in Berlin for the Stylight Awards. It's the third time and I can still remember Stylight's first awards when I was still working for them as an intern. It is crazy to see how they've changed within the past two years and probably a bit sad that I don't know most of the nominees anymore, haha! I am obviously lost in the bloggersphere as there are way too many blogs out there and I don't really care that much anymore about finding new inspirational blogs .. I'd rather stick to the ones I loved from the beginning or spend less time on Instagram or Snapchat. What do you think? Are you guys still on the hunt for new bloggers and spending most of your time following their stories on Snapchat or Instagram? 


Oh wow. It is already June 3rd and I only managed to do two posts in the last two months. So sorry for the lack of updates, but I simply had no time or I was just too exhausted. I have been working on a lot of essays for uni and spent my free time either hanging out with the bf eating ice cream or sewing new clothes. Whether I'm sitting in front of my laptop or sewing machine, neither of which is good for my back, so as you could see if you follow my snapchat (which will probably bore you to death ... just kidding ;-) I went to the spa for a few times to get a massage. And don't think it's a pleasure to go there, because these massages are literally a 30 minute pain session, which of course helps afterwards. 

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