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I finally had time to work on the camel coat that I've been wanting for ages! Ever since I started to only wear coats made by myself I wanted to make a classic camel coat for warmer days, and here it is, yaaay! I must admit it was quite hard to sell all my coats within the past two years and built up a complete new wardrobe of coats made by Wolfschluckner only, but now that I've got some special ones (here, here), one that is incredibly warm (here) and this perfect, knee-length camel colored one, I caught up on all the beautiful ones I've sold - may they be with someone who really loves them too, haha =)


While I was at my parents my place, my mum bought this beautiful white coat at a pop up store in our city. It's so minimalistic, soft and the wide cut is just perfect! I definitely had to wear it at least once for pictures to show you how I'd style it =)


.. since my last blogpost
... since the last time I posted a black and white editorial
.... since I only wore lingerie on my blog, haha =)

A few weeks ago, I had to present my latest work as part of our intermediate exam at uni and it turned out to be a small magazine with interviews, a fashion series and some other bits and pieces I wanted to be featured. 

American author and journalist Chuck Palahniuk once said 'art never comes from happiness' and this quote has been stuck in my brain for quite some time now. To be honest, I have a few friends who seem to work better when they're feeling emotional or really sad and as far as I'm concerned, I am more creative when I feel down. Thus, I concerned myself with the correlation between art and melancholy. 


In the words of blogger and author Penelope Trunk: Spring is a time to find out where you are, who you are, and move toward where you are going. And I am definitely going towards spring =) I bought loads of tulips in the past week, checked my favorite online stores for new arrivals, cleaned my apartment (spring cleaning anyone?!) thought about what color combinations I want to wear in the next few days (mostly pink. and pink. and maybe light blue) and of course strolled through Berlin cause every city is the prettiest when the sun is up! But still, since spring is only happening in my head and not in Berlin, where it's still cold and windy and people prefer wearing black rather than white, I decided to get a jacket that would fit both the temperatures and also my spring mood. Found this pink beauty at Esprit and it is pure perfection! My mum really enthuses those thin down jackets because they're so handy and comfortable, and yep, she is right, as always! It's available in different colors of course, but I liked the light pink one best, what do you think?
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