Good mooooorning!
I am so excited and still can't believe it, but my third semester at uni is finally over - eeek! Handed in all my papers and stuff on Friday afternoon and now I've got a few weeks to relax. It is always so weird when yet another semester is over and you're like "didn't I just started as a freshman?" haha. Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. The bf and I went to an incredibly cute wedding on Friday night and yesterday I was just tired and worked in the shop. So today is officially my first day of holidays and I'll be staying in my jammies all day long=) 


pictures via vogue.de, fashionstreet-berlin.de and coultique.com

Happy Monday! Last week was probably the busiest but best week I've had in quite a while! As you all might know if you follow my social media, I attended a few shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, had two exams and one presentation and managed to go to three other events as well, yay :-) Me and my Austrian girl Carina, who just moved to Berlin for a couple of months, started off with the Fossil x Opening Ceremony launch party on Monday evening. It was such a lovely evening, paired with delicious cocktails and macarons and beautiful new handbags and accessories. I must admit, they reminded me on Fendi a little bit, but I guess this year every brand goes with furry bobbles and cute little animals as a pendant. Anyway, on Tuesday me and Sarah headed to the Lena Hoschek AW 2016 show at Brandenburger Tor where lovely Alexander from Cropped Magazine took some pictures of me. Must admit I was actually happy about the sun on that day, but forgot to bring my sunnies, so the picture he uploaded turned out to be .. well .. let's say not as chic as I thought it would be. #fail 


Hey hey!
January goes by so fast and I am in the middle of my prep time for my upcoming exams and presentations at uni. Sitting in front of the computer is basically all I'm doing at the moment, with a short interrupt of Fashion Week, which will take place next week and I just can't wait! I won't be attending too many shows though, but still, I am excited and planning outfits in my head already! Hope to see some of you guys there!


Here we are. 2016 has officially started and I am kicking off the new year with this cute and sexy baby blue dress I found in my mailbox right before christmas. Since it is f****** cold outside (-10 degrees, are you kidding me?)I obviously can't wear it on the streets at the moment but can't wait to style it when it finally has 30 degrees or more again here in Berlin. But for now, it was way too much fun to dress up and channel my inner prima ballerina (hint: the bun) while shooting these pictures. My hair is finally long enough to use the smallest version of my bun donut collection again - yay! Still, I've got a long and winding road ahead of me until my hair is back to the original. Sooo, what do you think about today's pictures? Can't deny the fact that blue is just my color, besides black, white and grey of course =)


Hello guys and happy new year!
I am a little late with my 2015 recap, but since today is a holiday, I thought you'd probably hang out in front of Netflix anyway, so why not checking tiny LOC blog as well? See, I really thought about this, since these past few days were quite stressful and I literally had no time to prepare a post (and I didn't really know what to say either). Honestly, I still don't know what to say but this: 2015 was crazy. It was my first year in Berlin, I met quite a lot of new people, found out that Berliners party like crazy and that I am not made for living in a shared flat (sorry guys!).
But let's start at the beginning, where Sarah and I decided to take LOC to the next level and really do different kind of posts every once in a while .. 
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