Friday, December 23, 2016

SEQUINS :: happy holidays

Back in Austria and not really in the mood for christmas, but lots of cookies, a little snow on the ground and christmas music are slowly getting me there. This sequined blazer helped as well to get in the mood for the upcoming festivities. While embellished dresses and skirts are always an option, they tend to make your holiday outfit look a bit too cheesy don't you think? Therefore, I went for a classic oversized blazer with a twist -- the sequins, and styled it like every other jacket, with slacks, cute flats and lots of layers underneath. The combination of turtleneck, blouse and blazer is everything to me right now and super warm and chic at the same time.

Anyways, merry christmas everyone! I hope you have a magical holiday season and see you again on New Years Eve on Lackofcolor! xx

flats - H&M
pants - Uniqlo
turtleneck - Mango
blouse - H&M
sequined blazer - H&M
bag - H&M

1 comment

  1. Wirklich ein super schönes Ensemble und sehr festlich! Auch deine Bluse finde ich toll und es steht dir hervorragend dein Outfit.


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