Friday, October 14, 2016


Ever since I started working again, afterwork drinks have become more and more important. It's not that I need to drown my sorrows or complain about work (well maybe ;-) 
It's just nice to work with a new team, get to know them and hang out with them every once in a while, especially when interns tend to only stay in the city for a few months until moving back to where they came from. I still remember my time in Munich as the best time ever, hanging out with my UK girls having a drink and chatting about everything.
I normally drink wine but every once in a while it has to be a good cocktail, and since my father is quite the bartender I have high standards. So in case you want to throw a party or have some friends over anytime soon (maybe tonight?) I have a recipe for you if you're a big Mojito fan, just like me! My father used to invent cocktails for my birthday parties when I was little so I have always been a cocktail kinda gal. Nevertheless I am always busy with uni and work, I don't go out too often. When I'm finally in the mood and not too broke, my favorite spots in Berlin are:

In terms of dressing for after work activities I like to keep it casual and inspired by the 1950s existentialists. Turtlenecks and black slacks were their statement pieces, as seen in Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn. The scene in the club is one of my all time favorites, when she's dancing all weird and crazy, definitely worth watching! I must admit my white turtleneck looks professional for work during the day and by adding some dark lipstick and changing from sneakers into heels the whole look gets more interesting and less businessy but still classy, right? Let me know what you think! Hope you have a great weekend! xx

pictrues by Your Gentle Reminder

heels and leather culotte- Zara
turtleneck and blazer - Mango
lipstick - MAC

This article was in cooperation with Bacardi.
The opinions mentioned are mine.


  1. Great pics! I don´t drink much, but when I want to, I drink Hugo :-*

    Melanie /

  2. Sehr coole Bilder und dein Cocktail sieht lecker aus!

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