With the current heatwave we are experiencing, dressing up is not that fun anymore to be honest. I am so excited for fall and can't wait to mix booties with blouses and wear my favorite jackets and hats again. But since it's 30 degrees outside, I need to wait a little longer and wear my summer favorites a few more times to get through the hot days.

Especially at work I find it really hard as I want to wear something comfy, not too short and light enough, just like this black Carmen blouse. I found it a few years ago and it has been one of my favorite summer pieces, as well as the skirt. Everyone who knows me knows that I basically have been living in my Stan Smith sneakers for the last two months. I got them for my birthday and since they go with everything they turned into my go-to shoes instantly. The only piece from today's look that is not worn out is this cute rose leather bag I received from my sister. LOVE the color but used it only a few times since it is teeny tiny and I am used to carrying around lots of stuff with me - might need to work on that =) Make sure to check their website though, Vera Pelle makes gorgeous handbags and they produce in Italy!

I am now off to meet my girl Anais for coffee and then head to the gym! Hope you're doing fine! xx 

pictures by Your Gentle Reminder


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