Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Finally I am able to share these amazing pictures with you! It's been a while since Sarah and I went out and about shooting but last week we found one day where everything turned out to be just magical. 

Sometimes we take pictures and end up being a bit frustrated with the camera, the outfit, my hair, my posing, the lighting, just everything. But with this look, everything seemed to be falling in place just perfectly. When this beautiful flower printed satin ensemble hit the stores at H&M, Sarah tagged me on a picture on Instagram and I fell in love immediately. I ordered it right away and knew that I had to keep the whole look quite simple cause it obviously speaks for itself. Luckily there's this little precious mini-garden next to my place with lots of laurel trees that make the perfect background for my 'flowers everywhere' look.

Once I am happy with my hair, make-up, outfit and the surroundings and Sarah is happy with my camera and the lighting everything is pretty much done in about 15 minutes. These pictures are probably my new favorites (already changed my profile picture on every social media channel, haha, kidding) and although I can't wait for Sarah to get her own camera and start photography school, I really have to say that her skills are improving anyhow! What do you think?

Summer is coming to an end, which is why I am going to see my parents one last time before I'll be soaked into the stressful life of another fashion intern in Berlin. Can't wait to tell you where my next internship will be! See you soon and stay tuned! xx

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