Although I am back in Berlin, here's another outfit we took at my parents place in Austria. As you can see from my recent posts, my summer uniform basically consists of stripes and white sneakers. It was not my intention to show you similar outfits this month, but I was gone for a few weeks and so was my closet with all its pretty non-stripey tee's and of course I could not bring too many shoes with me when visiting my family. Luckily I teamed up with this onlineshop I discovered that sells mostly sneakers. As if I did not have enough already, I got some new white sneakers cause you can never ever have enough, it's the same with striped t-shirts, haha ;-) These Nikes are special though, since they are really light, absolutely comfortable and not everybody has them already, what a catch!

I also think they might become my gym-sneakers. The thing is, I have been thinking about joining a gym for quite a while now and after a close examination of every gym near my place and reading tons of articles like '10 things you should be aware of before joining a gym' I might settle for a solid, not too expensice ladys gym. If you know any good ones in Berlin or have anything else on your mind concerning a gym membership please let me know in the comments! I am not much of a sporty-girl but I'd love to become one. Happy Tuesday! xx

sneakers - Nike via
culotte - Zara
striped shirt - Zara
bag - Calvin Klein
sunglasses - H&M


  1. Soooo tolle sneakers in weiß! Dein ganzes Outfit ist super!


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