Monday, July 4, 2016


pictures by Anni
Although it's only been two years since I worked at Stylight, both me and the company changed and grew a lot. It's crazy how the awards have changed, how many people work for Stylight now, and sad but true: how many people I knew already left the company. Nevertheless, I am always happy to come back to celebrate and party with inspirational influencers (as they call themselves nowadays) from all over the globe. I did not know all of the nominees, which only implies that I don't have enough time to follow big style bloggers, beauty bloggers or visionaries. Still, it was really inspiring, the venue was quite impressive and: food and drinks were for free, what more can I say? 

Before heading to the awards, Anni and I went on a mad shoppingtrip where we bought our dresses for the occasion. I wanted to go for an all-white outfit but my dress did not go well with my white boyfriend blazer, so I went for a classy black and white combo. By the way, Anni wore the most gorgeous dress and thanks to a visit at the hairdresser a few days earlier, she was #goals. Whenever I see her hair, I want to lighten mine as well and join the iceblond squad, haha. Anyways, I am so busy with uni, sewing and my upcoming birthday that I did not really have time to blog last week, and even now, it is really hard to focus and write something that is not completely pointless. I hope you like the pictures and my outfit though! xx

boots, dress, leather jacket - Zara
bag - Karl Lagerfeld
sunglasses - Mango

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  1. Toll, toll, toll kann ich nur sagen. Rockig und chic zugleich.


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