I've had the most relaxing two week vacation in Austria, at my parents place. If you know me, you would not believe it, haha. I am usually not a 'relaxing-reading-napping-every-two-hours' kind of person but I really took some time off my computer, my phone (although I posted on Instagram quite frequently) and since my sewing-machine might be broken, I did not work at all. I actually feel like a proper student since I quit my job as well in order to have August completely off and only do what I want to do, whenever I want to do it. Anyway, I have discovered the half bun for myself and tried to pull it off in today's pictures. My hair gets pretty crazy in summer, especially after swimming, but with my all-relaxed-mood I don't really care.

Anyway, I bought this dress at H&M on sale while I was in my 'I-need-more-colorful-clothes-mood'. It is really comfortable and perfect for the current weather that seems to change every ten minutes. I paired it casually with flats and my favorite new accessory: this cute Karl Lagerfeld phone wallet (similar one here) which you can use as a small purse as well. I got it from my bf since he knows how easily I get annoyed by having to carry my real wallet and phone with me whenever I run a quick errand or something. So this tiny thing is probably the most useful and stylish gift I have ever gotten from anyone =) Plus it saves my phone from cracking in case I drop it!

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  1. Ein wirklich tolles Outfit! Die Schuhe sind echt super und die Celine Sonnenbrille steht dir so fantastisch! Das Wallet ist süß.


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