Friday, July 15, 2016


I am getting really good at posting once a week again, I must say I am surprised. While it's been a little quiet on LOC at the beginning of the year, I am now more motivated to shooting looks and keeping you on track with my busy busy schedule ;-) 
Today's look is inspired by Lena Hoschek's latest collection; my favorite dress was featured on my Instagram account. Although she did not show stripey dresses and comfy flats, the hat is key and it goes perfectly with this dress I got via Esprit. Isn't it the cutest? Plus, this special neckline is called Carmen, so I had to buy it, right? Besides the name, I love the length - now that I am officially old (turned 23 a week ago) I have to give skirt lengths more attention than ever ;-) But I guess I also liked the dress because of it's simplicity and timelessness. It is perfect for my upcoming trip to Vienna and upper Austria to see the family; it fits into my bag and does not wrinkle and of course: off-shoulder is still all the rage. You can find the dress here - I got it in the store though.

As I just said, I am leaving for Austria tonight - yaaay! This year, I am not traveling on my own but with the bf by my side. First stop Vienna, Hotel Kempinski to be more precisely and then we're taking the train to see my family and girlfriends! Can't waaait! Although the weather report is not on our side (for now!) I am still packing dresses and shorts - I simply do not want to admit that it won't be 30 degrees when I'm finally in Austria. Thinking about this already makes me feel grumpy so I am now off to have coffee, do some last minute preparations and hope to see you soon on tiny LOC blog! xx

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  1. Ohhhhh ja das sieht fantastisch aus wie immer!♡


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