pictures by Anni
It's weird that I never posted these pictures because I did not really like them that much after taking them. Ten months later I actually like them enough to share them with you on the blog. It's also a nice way to tell you that my girl Anni is coming to Berlin in two weeks and I can't waaaaait! We took these pictures last summer in Munich and now we'll be reunited again in Berlin for the Stylight Awards. It's the third time and I can still remember Stylight's first awards when I was still working for them as an intern. It is crazy to see how they've changed within the past two years and probably a bit sad that I don't know most of the nominees anymore, haha! I am obviously lost in the bloggersphere as there are way too many blogs out there and I don't really care that much anymore about finding new inspirational blogs .. I'd rather stick to the ones I loved from the beginning or spend less time on Instagram or Snapchat. What do you think? Are you guys still on the hunt for new bloggers and spending most of your time following their stories on Snapchat or Instagram? 

As I am writing this, I am sitting in my bed, feeling like shit because I must have caught a cold on Sunday as I was swimming with my sister and it started to rain heavily. Besides that horrible feeling of having a blocked nose I am feeling alright though. I had a fun weekend with my sister - we went shopping, had delicious brunch at Blaues Band and Le Bon and went to the Zoo as well! It was so cute! I've been living in Berlin for almost two years but I've never been to the Zoo here, although it's one of the biggest ones in Europe. At least that's what the bf said. I am now off, this weekend my mum and grandma are visiting Berlin - sightseeing 2.0!
Hope you like today's outfit! xxx

sneakers - Adidas
jumpsuit - Zara
leather vest - Zara
sunnies - Ray Ban


  1. Ich finde dein Outfit grandios, ein bißchen rockig und dennoch chic! Einfach super!

  2. Toller Look! Die Weste ist der Hammer!

    Liebe Grüße

    Borislava von


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