Friday, June 3, 2016


It is already June 3rd and I only managed to do two posts in the last two months -- really sorry about the lack of updates here. I have been pretty busy working on essays for uni and spent my free time either hanging out with the bf eating ice cream or in front of my sewing machine. Whether I'm sitting in front of my laptop or sewing machine, neither is good for my back, so as you could see if you follow my social media, I went to the spa for a few treatments. And don't think it's a pleasure to go there, because these massages are literally a 30 minute pain session, which of course help afterwards.

Thus, I thought about rewarding myself and getting something that makes me happy and reminds me of things I love on a daily basis. I recently teamed up with BIPA, the bestest drugstore and perfumery in Austria, which I miss a lot here in Germany. Although I knew that you could develop your own pictures or print them if you need them asap at their store, what I did not know, is that they have this section especially for photography. You could get photobooks printed (like my mum right now) or create your own phone case by BIPA, which is exactly what I did. The reason why I chose the tulip picture is because white tulips are my all time favorite flowers, I love to read, hence the newspaper ;-) and of course this picture has a sentimental value. It was taken more than a year ago at Wolfschluckner's very first photoshooting. Also, the dark colors will be the perfect change for my phone for wintertime, since I have a really light and springish phone case right now =) 

Hope you like today's look! xx

slip ons - H&M Conscious
dungarees - Zara
silk blouse - Wolfschluckner / selfmade
sunglasses - RayBan
phonecase via BIPA

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  1. Oh ja, ein tolle Hülle und die Tulpen sind wirklich schön! Deine schwarze Seidenbluse ist richtig toll geworden.


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