Wednesday, May 11, 2016


pictures by Anais
Hello from sunny Berlin!
This week is super busy (who would have thought?), as we are having a workshop with german blogger David, from Dandy Diary. Turns out the guy has still plenty of time besides owning a fast food restaurant and running one of the best male fashion blogs in the world. I never really talk about my studies on tiny LOC blog, but right now it feels like we're on a show similar to Project Runway, only we are producing fashion films within a few days, not clothes (I am still sewing once I come home though..). Well and what's the comfiest outfit for busy days when all you do is prepare props, get the perfect Chanel costume from out of the blue and write french dialogues for actors? Exactly - we're talking sneakers

Thanks to Peperosa, who provide me with the comfiest shoes every once in a while (remember my blue ballerina flats?), I don't have to think about what to wear in the morning. Not only do these babies look insanely cute and girly with those colorful sequins and white stars, they are also sooo comfortable! I wore them loads of times to work already and did not have aching feet like usually. It's the thick sole inside that works its magic .. and it is so nice to have sneakers that are more fun than the usual white ones everybody's wearing in Berlin. I hope you like the outfit I prepared! As summer finally arrived, it is time to wear more white than ever! xx

This article was in cooperation with Peperosa.
The item shown was a gift, but the opinions mentioned are mine.


  1. Tolle Sneakers und die weiße Bluse gefällt mir super gut. Dein Mantel ist sowieso toll!

  2. yes,,the shoes are very about dresses??

  3. wunderschönes outfit, wie immer! und die schuhe sind ja echt mal hammergeil :)
    liebste grüße aus wien!!!


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