Wednesday, April 6, 2016


pictures by Carina
As I am writing this (Monday night), I am having one of those calm moments where everything seems fine and peaceful, it is almost absurd thinking about how much I have to do actually. Instead, I am listening to Norah Jones (haven't done this in years), dancing through my kitchen (not that my kitchen is that big!) and feeling quite good actually. I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks and although it's not going to be less stressful in the future, I am in good spirits. Me being in such a good mood probably has something to do with the weather. I must have forgotten how nice it is waking up to a bright blue sky. 

Today's outfit is an hommage to mom jeans. Loved them since day one and counting. They go perfectly with today's mood, being all chilled and relaxed, and of course with my selfmade coat and this cute spring inspired blouse. It's time for some color in my outfits, don't you think?

I am currently sewing a lot for several customers (and myself of course)so that takes up all of my time, besides uni and working in the shop. That is why it's been more quiet on tiny Lackofcolor Blog at the moment. I can't promise to post every week but I'll try to do every two weeks and go back to my old routine as soon as I've got more time. It's a weird time for me right now, since I am working less on LOC and more on my own brand which makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Anyways, there are still a lot of shootings I want to realize for this blog, so stay tuned and happy humpday! xx


  1. schön zu hören, dass es dir gut geht liebe carmen :) die momjeans steht dir SOOOO gut! und deinen mantel lieb ich sowieso über alles!
    hoffentlich bis ganz bald <3

  2. Deine Haare sind so schön und dein Outfit sowieso!


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