Thursday, April 21, 2016


pictures by Anais
Hellloooow ..
I actually don't know what to tell you guys, since there's nothing new going on in my life ..

I am SO busy working on 'orders' from my 'customers' though. It sounds really weird cause these are all people I know and they just approached me and asked me to make them an outfit, a coat or whatever. But anyways, I had a huge meltdown last week because I was so stressed and busy with work, uni and everything, the weather was just awful (and I always feel a bit depressed when it's been rainy and windy for days) and then this shop ruined my embroidery and I was just freaking out, haha. Luckily the bf calmed me down and after a fun weekend with friends from Austria and lots of Gin & Tonic I am already back on track, finishing those 'orders' and can't wait to go see my family next week - yaaay!

Regarding todays ouftit, well .. this whole thing about combining dresses and pants is all the rage at the moment (Leonie's dress and pants game is really strong and inspiring!) and my girl Anni encouraged me to try it as well since she's a big fan! Bloggers usually wear their dresses with skinny jeans or leggings (I just hate leggings and they remind me of long summers in Sweden when I was about 12 or so) but I quite like today's look with my black slacks and it is definitely a nice change for at least every once in a while. With my busy lifestyle right now I would never EVER consider wearing heels on a daily basis. Still, I can't wait to change from sneakers to little heels or my beloved H&M conscious flats that are absolutely gorgeous and to die for! Did you see them on snapchat? Make sure to follow me (carmenwo), although it's only selfies and pictures of my messy room ;-) xx

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  1. Ein wirklich tolles Outfit! Die Tasche ist mega cool und dein selbstgenähter Mantel sowieso.


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