pictures by Anais
Hellloooow ..
I actually don't know what to tell you guys, since there's nothing new going on in my life ..

I am SO busy working on 'orders' from my 'customers' though. It sounds really weird cause these are all people I know and they just approached me and asked me to make them an outfit, a coat or whatever. But anyways, I had a huge meltdown last week because I was so stressed and busy with work, uni and everything, the weather was just awful (and I always feel a bit depressed when it's been rainy and windy for days) and then this shop ruined my embroidery and I was just freaking out, haha. Luckily the bf calmed me down and after a fun weekend with friends from Austria and lots of Gin & Tonic I am already back on track, finishing those 'orders' and can't wait to go see my family next week - yaaay!


pictures by Carina
As I am writing this (Monday night), I am having one of those calm moments where everything seems fine and peaceful, it is almost absurd thinking about how much I have to do actually. Instead, I am listening to Norah Jones (haven't done this in years), dancing through my kitchen (not that my kitchen is that big!) and feeling quite good actually. I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks and although it's not going to be less stressful in the future, I am in good spirits. Me being in such a good mood probably has something to do with the weather. I must have forgotten how nice it is waking up to a bright blue sky. 

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