Wednesday, March 23, 2016


pictures by Anais
Social media can be really creepy and annoying sometimes. For the past few years, there's always been one fashion item that was all the rage, especially in the bloggersphere and therefore all over Instagram. For example the Birkenstock sandals about two years ago, the Celine trio bag or sunnies, various Chloe bags, Stella McCartney shoes, and of course the Calvin Klein underwear. I think I've talked about being manipulated by social media already and of course it is partly my fault as I am following way too many bloggers who happen to have the same style, same white apartment and same eating habits ;-) but although I could resist all of these items, I could not resist trying the Calvin Klein underwear. So when AboutYou approached me, I just had to find out for myself if this soft bra really is that comfortable and well, I was not disappointed.

I've been into soft bras for quite a while now as they are perfect for summertime and casual days in general, but this one is taking it to another level. Not only does it make me look all badass and cool (riiiiiight? ;-), you also don't notice it's there because it fits perfectly, which is amazing. Now Calvin Klein did not reinvent the wheel but they definitely have some strong marketing going on here and what can I say, I jumped on the bandwagon and found out that sometimes it's okay to give an it-piece a try.

I styled #mycalvins with some black leather culottes, a vintage shirt from the boyfriend, Adidas Originals and my selfmade bomber jacket. The red lippy and wavy hair make the look a bit more girly and glamorous, just the way I like it :-)

Have a great day guys!

shoes - Adidas Originals
leather culotte - Zara
shirt - Vintage
soft bra - Calvin Klein c/o About you
bomber jacket - selfmade / Wolfschluckner

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  1. Oh ja, dass sieht toll aus! Deine Bomberjacke ist der Hammer und die Underwear von Calvin Klein liebe ich auch!


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