Wednesday, March 9, 2016


pictures by Anais

Did you see yesterdays Chanel fall/winter 2016/17 collection from Paris Fashionweek? It is such a shame that we left the city a day before :-( The show itself kind of reminded on how Coco Chanel would present her collections in her atelier in the 1950s. It had a nostalgic touch, just like YSL from the night before, who presented his collections without music and a speaker who announced every look. This is actually what I always wanted to do if I ever get to do my own fashion show. I've told Sarah a thousand times that I want to announce every look, give them names like I already do and just make the feeling of attending a fashion show more special and a little bit oldschool obviously. Newspapers wrote that Karl's latest collection was Chanel for a new generation and I strongly agree. Especially the jacket Gigi Hadid was wearing (I posted the look on my Instagram) is something I could even imagine seeing in Berlin - probably in black with sneakers and a half bun, but at least the jacket would be fabulous ;-)

Anyways, I did not think about Chanel when I wore today's look a few weeks ago, I actually thought I binge-watched Gossip Girl too much since I started from scratch about a month ago and already finished all six seasons - haha! Still, the bouclé / tweed blazer in the style of Chanel is definitely a classic and must have in my wardrobe. It is no surprise that I love this kind of cloth and I am already working on a little something out of a new bouclé I recently bought in Berlin.

I really hope you like today's outfit with the little heels that remind a bit on the chanel slingpumps that are all the rage on Instagram and of course the knitted pullover made by my mum for Wolfschluckner is perfect for any occassion.

I am now off to uni and can't wait to read your thoughts! xx  

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  1. Dieses Outfit gefällt mir ausgezeichnet und steht dir fantastisch, gratuliere!


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