Wednesday, March 23, 2016


pictures by Anais
Social media can be really creepy and annoying sometimes. For the past few years, there's always been one fashion item that was all the rage, especially in the bloggersphere and therefore all over Instagram. For example the Birkenstock sandals about two years ago, the Celine trio bag or sunnies, various Chloe bags, Stella McCartney shoes, and of course the Calvin Klein underwear. I think I've talked about being manipulated by social media already and of course it is partly my fault as I am following way too many bloggers who happen to have the same style, same white apartment and same eating habits ;-) but although I could resist all of these items, I could not resist trying the Calvin Klein underwear. So when AboutYou approached me, I just had to find out for myself if this soft bra really is that comfortable and well, I was not disappointed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hey hey! As you all might know, I spent a few days in Paris with one of my girls about two weeks ago and here's a little recap!

We arrived on Thursday night and went back to Berlin Monday night, so we had more than three days to discover the city. I did not realize that it was Fashionweek until a few days before we left, so it was quite fun to be there while the city was full of designers, fashionable people, streetstyle photographers, ... Saw some inspirational people such as Iris Apfel, Kristina Bazan, Olivia Palermo or Bryanboy. Still, compared to Berlin Fashionweek, Paris is just like Iris Apfel would say: "more is more and less is a bore". People really dressed up, mainly to get the attention of streetstyle photographers; editors however wore #allblackeverything and definitely went for comfy shoes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


pictures by Anais

Did you see yesterdays Chanel fall/winter 2016/17 collection from Paris Fashionweek? It is such a shame that we left the city a day before :-( The show itself kind of reminded on how Coco Chanel would present her collections in her atelier in the 1950s. It had a nostalgic touch, just like YSL from the night before, who presented his collections without music and a speaker who announced every look. This is actually what I always wanted to do if I ever get to do my own fashion show. I've told Sarah a thousand times that I want to announce every look, give them names like I already do and just make the feeling of attending a fashion show more special and a little bit oldschool obviously. Newspapers wrote that Karl's latest collection was Chanel for a new generation and I strongly agree. Especially the jacket Gigi Hadid was wearing (I posted the look on my Instagram) is something I could even imagine seeing in Berlin - probably in black with sneakers and a half bun, but at least the jacket would be fabulous ;-)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


pictures by Carina


Sorry, I just had to .. I so can't wait to visit the city of love for the first time ever! I've wanted to go to Paris for ages and since I don't get to travel a lot (except swinging back and forth between Berlin and my parents place)this trip is even more exciting! My bag is packed and the only question is, what coat should I take with me? Since the weather forecast is not that good, I still have to take a woolen one with me, but I can't decide whether to go for classic camel toned or this boucle one from today's look?

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