Wednesday, February 24, 2016


pictures by lovely Anais

I finally had time to work on the camel coat that I've been wanting for ages! Ever since I started to only wear coats made by myself I wanted to make a classic camel coat for warmer days, and here it is, yaaay! I must admit it was quite hard to sell all my coats within the past two years and built up a complete new wardrobe of coats made by Wolfschluckner only, but now that I've got some special ones (here, here), one that is incredibly warm (here) and this perfect, knee-length camel colored one, I caught up on all the beautiful ones I've sold - may they be with someone who really loves them too, haha =)

Sorting out my coats reminds me of spring cleaning, which I did a few days ago since I wanted to sell them at a flea market. My all time favorite Youtuber from Austria recently wrote about this topic for Zalando Advize (it's in German though) and I just love his hilarious videos and although some might think he is way too crazy, he's actually one of the nicest guys I've ever met =) He's writing about Marie Kondo's book 'Magic Cleaning' and that we should throw away everything (except school/uni stuff) that we don't enjoy having. I've always been a fan of cleaning since I don't see why I should hold on to anything that doesn't make me happy or that I don't wear anymore. In my tiny apartment here in Berlin, this might be a good quality, otherwise my room would be full of clothes, remnants and other stuff.

Zalando Advize by the way is a fashion and lifestyle platform talking about the latest trends and supplies you with interesting fashion guides and tutorials. Since they also do interviews, share playlists and work together with bloggers and youtubers I'd say they are an all-in-one platform and really up-to-date.

I hope you like today's look, happy humpday! xx


  1. Beautiful coat! Love this look you put together.

  2. Oh ja, das sieht fantastisch aus. Dein Mantel ist wirklich toll geworden!

  3. love the coat


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