Sunday, January 31, 2016


Good mooooorning!
I am so excited and still can't believe it, but my third semester at uni is finally over - eeek! Handed in all my papers and stuff on Friday afternoon and now I've got a few weeks to relax. It is always so weird when yet another semester is over and you're like "didn't I just started as a freshman?" haha. Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. The bf and I went to an incredibly cute wedding on Friday night and yesterday I was just tired and worked in the shop. So today is officially my first day of holidays and I'll be staying in my jammies all day long=) 

Todays look shows you what I wore on day two of Fashionweek Berlin. Since I was feeling sick the whole week I wanted to wear something comfy and grabbed this oversized pullover my mum made last year and paired it with some slacks and creepers. I would say the majority of Berliners don't wear heels at Fashionweek since it's comfier and easier if you're running around the whole day. Besides, they just love their sneakers way too much! Wednesday actually wasn't that busy for me. We had a presentation in the morning, then headead to Brandburger Gate to see Rebekka Ruetz and afterwards I met up with Carina at the Apple store. I've been to quite a few events there by now and must admit it is such a cool idea. The topics as well as the guests are really interesting and the atmosphere is so friendly. If you're ever in Berlin, make sure to check if there are any interesting events for you! xx


  1. Toll, toll, toll! Geniales Outfit und der Louis Vuitton Rucksack, super!

  2. Aaah have a great semester! You're worth it! In love with every outfit and picture that you share. You're doing a good job! Hoping to see you again. Love, Malin

  3. great look!


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