Here we are. 2016 has officially started and I am kicking off the new year with this cute and sexy baby blue dress I found in my mailbox right before christmas. Since it is f****** cold outside (-10 degrees, are you kidding me?)I obviously can't wear it on the streets at the moment but can't wait to style it when it finally has 30 degrees or more again here in Berlin. But for now, it was way too much fun to dress up and channel my inner prima ballerina (hint: the bun) while shooting these pictures. My hair is finally long enough to use the smallest version of my bun donut collection again - yay! Still, I've got a long and winding road ahead of me until my hair is back to the original. Sooo, what do you think about today's pictures? Can't deny the fact that blue is just my color, besides black, white and grey of course =)

How are you guys anyway? I am busy with studying and working for my finals, which will take place in about two weeks. Still can't believe that finals are this near, but you know what that means? It's Fashion Week time as well! And as Carrie would say "leave the foolish choices of your past behind and look forward to the future", I am already on the hunt for some outfit inspirations! I hope you're all doing fine and if you're busy with uni just like me, then good luck and stay strong!


bag - Karl Lagerfeld
lipstick - DIVA by MAC
heels - no name


  1. such a cute dress

  2. Wirklich toll und die Farbe baby blue steht dir ausgezeichnet!

  3. I love the dress,and thanks for your sharing.

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