Friday, January 1, 2016


Hello guys and happy new year!
I am a little late with my 2015 recap, but since today is a holiday, I thought you'd probably hang out in front of Netflix anyway, so why not checking tiny LOC blog as well? See, I really thought about this, since these past few days were quite stressful and I literally had no time to prepare a post (and I didn't really know what to say either). Honestly, I still don't know what to say but this: 2015 was crazy. It was my first year in Berlin, I met quite a lot of new people, found out that Berliners party like crazy and that I am not made for living in a shared flat (sorry guys!).
But let's start at the beginning, where Sarah and I decided to take LOC to the next level and really do different kind of posts every once in a while .. 

January was and still is the worst month of all. I always feel kind of lost and since I don't do New Year's Resolutions there is nothing to work on other than uni stuff of course. In January 2015 I finished my first semester at uni, felt pretty exhausted afterwards and took a short break from social media. We took this picture from above in my old room and it took us ages to prepare for it. Taking pictures inside is like the hardest thing ever, but oh so tempting when it's freaking cold outside!

Since Sarah's apartment is almost empty, it is definitely easier to shoot at her place than at mine. We took these pictures for Valentines Day in February. Since I was still working in a lingerie shop (where I got dismissed a few weeks later, haha - I didn't to anything wrong though, I was just always tired and definitely needed a break) I was surrounded by beautiful underwear and wanted to show off some of my new pieces. Besides that, February was full of work for Wolfschluckner. I made quite a lot of coats within four weeks, three to be more precisely.

On March 1st, we FINALLY took pictures of my coats and later on I was busy working on (which will be up asap - so sorry, it's taking ages). Emma visited me and we took amazing pictures in Berlin and had a great time. I also had the opportunity to do a workshop with Michael Kampe who studied Fashion Design in Antwerpen and created this linnen bomber jacket that you guys obviously liked a lot on my social media.

April started off with a new and much shorter haircut. My hair has never been that short before and retrospectively I am pretty sure they'll never be this short again. After a short breakdown I found out that this hairlength was pretty good for pictures and a certain cool vibe Sarah and I wanted to create, especially for our upcoming cooperations. We went a little mad, took pictures in front of this beautiful car, walked through Berlin with balloons that actually scared people to death and I tried out flared jeans again ;-)

In May, we took it to the next level and Sarah really developed some major photography skills. Chanel is still one of our favorite blogposts since my mum borrowed me her vintage chanel costume for outfit pictures =) My sewing machine broke down in May which drove me crazy. So I spent most of my weekends drinking wine and chatting with the girls. 
In June, we finally made use of the big bathtub in my old apartment and while my flatmates were out and about working, we prepared everything and FLOWERBATH was born. I guess this is my all time favorite blogpost. It was SO much fun but so hard as well and the pictures turned out amazing! After that, we couldn't really top it and sticked to normal outfit posts haha =) I also got a new job in June although I have barely no freetime, but it's fun :) 
I totally forgot to tell you that I turned brown in June =)
Anyway, July was just stressful. We started off in cooperation with Flaconi to introduce you the new Alaia perfume, which is still one of my fav. perfumes of all time! I also moved out and got my first own apartment, turned 22 a week later, finished my second semester at uni and met a certain young man with whom I'm pretty happy ;-) Of course I went home to see my family, had a short struggle with blogging, shut down LOC for the very first time but brought it back to live after my appendix surgery. Crazy month, huh?

I was literally bored to death in August since I wasn't allowed to go swimming, do any kinds of sports or work at the store so I thought, why not visiting my girl Anni in mighty Munich (just like Lauren would say it :-) It was so much fun, we had the best time ever and I kind of wondered why I moved to Berlin in the first place? Any ideas?

SEPTEMBER! Sarah and I took a day off and went to Hamburg for the first time ever! Also, uni started again and I headed over to Leipzig to shoot with Gina Marry. It was so much fun yet freaking cold! We also had some fun cooperations with Bomboogie and Esprit =)

Dating a complete watch enthusiast is contagious! After taking these pictures I am obsessed with the question, what kind of watch should I invest in? Since I was pretty busy in October with sewing my collection for Wolfschluckner, we only managed to make three blogposts and it kind of stayed that way. I am really sorry, but uni got quite demanding and I really want to work more on Wolfschluckner and actually sell coats to people =) Sadly, I also had to fly home spontanously because my beloved grandmother died after being ill for a while. This month was pretty intense since I worked on Wolfschluckner, at the store twice a week and of course went to uni as well. My social life was equal to zero.

THIS HAT though! I just had to get my hands on it and although after shooting this Helmut Newton inspired look it has only been decorating my wall, but it's still amazing.November was pretty intense as well, since we took pictures of my collections for Wolfschluckner, had lots of cooperations with cool brands and I finally got requests on my coats - eek! I made a cape for my aunt within a few days and started working on two coats for some customers =) 

And now even December came to an end. I literally got up at 8 am every morning, had breakfast, started sewing, went to uni at 11.30 and got back home around 7pm and worked on the coats again. That was basically all I did these past few weeks. Therefore I only managed to wear all black everything, every single day since it's the easiest outfits on planet fashion and after finishing coats, blogposts and uni stuff, I needed some color in my life! Bought these pants at Zara and although I know I'll hardly wear them, they will always remind me on how much I worked this month, haha :)

I really hope you guys liked this recap. 2015 probably was the hardest year I've ever had since I worked quite a lot. I made eleven coats within a year. One can say I definitely pushed my boundaries but I am nowhere to be finished. There is still so much I want to do, see, work on and I can't wait to see what 2016 will bring! 

PS: I actually thought it would be fun to add some outtakes to this post - although this will be terribly embarrassing .. (the unedited version of my life)


  1. Really nice pictures. A very good review :)

    Happy New Year 2016 !

  2. It´s unbelievable what you have achieved and worked on in this year and you can really be proud of that!
    Keep on doing so well and believe in yourself because you are great!
    And I love your outtakes (especially the one with the hat!!)

    Happy new year 2016, it will be amazing!

  3. Aww, I miss you SO much Carmen. It sounds like your 2015 has been tough, but all your hard work will pay off, I promise :) xx

    1. Awww Rebecca :) I miss you girl!! We definitely need to plan something for spring! xx

  4. Ein sooo toller Rückblick und deine Bilder sind fantastisch! Alles Liebe für 2016!


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