Sunday, December 11, 2016


Blue is definitely one of my favorite colors, besides black. So why not combine them? There are no more rules in fashion and pairing black, blue and brown is definitely not a faux-pas but can actually turn out to be a sophisticated color combination. I bought this mohair jumper from Marina Hoermanseder in spring and secretly wished to fast forward to winter, as I wanted to wear it right away. It is absolutely gorgeous, super warm and works with everything -- whether you're dressing it down with jeans and sneakers or pairing it with a tulle skirt and high heels for christmas! 

By the way, am I the only one who feels like this weekend was over before it even started? I am not ready for work tomorrow and I have so much to do before going to Austria in two weeks. I really need a day between Sunday and Monday or at least one or two hours more per day.  xx

pictures by Sarah

boots - Asos
pants - Tommy Hilfiger
jumper - Marina Hoermanseder
coat - Wolfschluckner
bag - Guess
glasses - Asos
cap - H&M

Sunday, December 4, 2016


My blog is all about Wolfschluckner right now, as I have been working on a new collection for the past few months and I am finally done and ready to shoot it in the studio! So excited about this finally happening, as it's been a while since the last photoshoot. You, tiny Lackofcolor readers, are privileged to see the pieces first of course. 

In todays post you get to see another amazing knitwear piece made by my mom for Wolfschluckner only. She is the fastest and most skilled knitter I know and it is so much fun to create something with her. I usually just tell her what I've imagined myself wearing and then we pick the color, get balls of wool, obviously, because the jumpers are always oversized, super cosy and with a special pattern. She made the hat with the white bobble as well by the way, which takes her like an hour or so ;-) Anyways, the black pants are from last years collection and as comfortable as the jumper so they go perfectly together. I was inspired by my Karate uniform from when I was a teen, hence the tie belt which can be worn lose, in a knot or as a loop and gives them a special feature.

Big chunky knitwear is a necessity for a perfect winter wardrobe, such as down jackets, as they are currently experiencing a big revival. It is funny how puffer jackets used to be the norm, since I grew up in Austria where you basically wore your skiing jacket to school when it was cold. But once I moved to the city and started my blog, those jackets literally puffed (pun intended) away from the fashion scene. I still wore mine quite often but checked and long oversized boyfriend coats were all the rage back in 2013. Luckily, I still have my down jacket, coat and this grey cape from the Italian brand Bomboogie. It seems odd to me that people are into puffer jackets now that it's a trend, but they'll soon realise that it is one of the best pieces to own, especially the light ones work great layered under a coat and take little space in your suitcase when traveling.
Do you own a down jacket? xx

pictures by Anais

boots - Zara
pants, pullover and hat - Wolfschluckner / selfmade
cape - Bomboogie

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


New coat debut about two weeks ago when the bf and I went out to see 'fantastic beasts'. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should definitely get tickets right away! Of course it's not like Harry Potter, although there are a lot of references, but it's funnier, the people dress amazing (I love the twenties) and of course Eddie Redmayne is probably the coolest guy ever since his amazing performances in 'The Theory of Everything' and 'The Danish Girl' ;-)

Fun Fact about the new coat: The only materials I ended up paying for were the thread and the name tags. Luckily, I got the fabric for free from Marina Hoermanseder while interning there and I had some lining left from previous coats I made. I finally had time to make a long black coat with a pointed lapel and classic patch pockets since I've always dreamed about it! It's my favorite coat right now, and even though my machine won't let me make button holes since the cloth is too thick, I have been wearing it non-stop since I like my coats and jackets to be loose. Who needs a proper fastening anyway?


pictures by Your Gentle Reminder

boots - Vagabond
pants - Tommy Hilfiger
blouse - Zara
jumper - H&M
coat - Wolfschluckner
bag - Karl Lagerfeld
hat - H&M

Friday, November 18, 2016


I must admit today's post is more trend oriented than usual. Whenever a new trend arises--which basically means on Instagram-- I remain pretty skeptical. However this season's big love for bell-sleeves has me jumping on the bandwagon, although I have always had an affinity for strong shoulders, puffed sleeves and ruffles as they add some ├ęclat to a simple look. So I got my hands on this cosy grey jumper from Zara, but I still have my eye on a slimmer version where the sleeves are a total eye-catcher.

I wanted to create a sporty yet elegant look which is why I paired sneakers, a little black clutch and these statement earrings from H&M Studio. Maybe I should have marked this post differently, since it is the first time in my blogging career that I am wearing jewelry. I have this odd aversion to jewelry, especially if it's delicate and almost non existent, however I can totally understand why people enjoy statement pieces. I never thought I'd wear it but oh well, there's a first time for everything and I'll admit-- I didn't even feel super uncomfortable.
What do you think about today's look? Let me know in the comments and maybe I'll dare to wear more jewelry .. NOT ­čśë

pictures by Ana├»s

sneakers - Adidas
pants & jumper - Zara
bag - Mango
sunglasses - C├ęline
earrings - H&M Studio

Friday, October 21, 2016


I am so excited to share these pictures with you today! With my internship and Sarah studying again, we hardly find time for shooting outfit pictures, but if we do get together, we're the happiest and most creative gal pals on planet earth. She knows exactly what I want and I can trust her completely. For today's shoot, I was inspired by my all-time-inspiration Audrey Hepburn and wanted to wear a simple yet sophisticated and comfy look featuring some key pieces from my wardrobe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Finally I am able to share these amazing pictures with you! It's been a while since Sarah and I went out and about shooting but last week we found one day where everything turned out to be just magical. 

Sometimes we take pictures and end up being a bit frustrated with the camera, the outfit, my hair, my posing, the lighting, just everything. But with this look, everything seemed to be falling in place just perfectly. When this beautiful flower printed satin ensemble hit the stores at H&M, Sarah tagged me on a picture on Instagram and I fell in love immediately. I ordered it right away and knew that I had to keep the whole look quite simple cause it obviously speaks for itself. Luckily there's this little precious mini-garden next to my place with lots of laurel trees that make the perfect background for my 'flowers everywhere' look.

Once I am happy with my hair, make-up, outfit and the surroundings and Sarah is happy with my camera and the lighting everything is pretty much done in about 15 minutes. These pictures are probably my new favorites (already changed my profile picture on every social media channel, haha, kidding) and although I can't wait for Sarah to get her own camera and start photography school, I really have to say that her skills are improving anyhow! What do you think?

Summer is coming to an end, which is why I am going to see my parents one last time before I'll be soaked into the stressful life of another fashion intern in Berlin. Can't wait to tell you where my next internship will be! See you soon and stay tuned! xx

Friday, August 19, 2016

#Mydesigual ::

Although summer might be over in Berlin, the sale is still ongoing and one might say it is better than ever! Therefore, (and because I am too lazy to leave my apartment) I checked my favorite online shops for real bargains and wanted to share one of my Sale finds with you on the blog today.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Photography: Carmen Wolfschluckner
Hair and Make Up: Geena Birkenmeier
Model: Rebecca Koppitz

Monday, July 4, 2016


pictures by Anni
Although it's only been two years since I worked at Stylight, both me and the company changed and grew a lot. It's crazy how the awards have changed, how many people work for Stylight now, and sad but true: how many people I knew already left the company. Nevertheless, I am always happy to come back to celebrate and party with inspirational influencers (as they call themselves nowadays) from all over the globe. I did not know all of the nominees, which only implies that I don't have enough time to follow big style bloggers, beauty bloggers or visionaries. Still, it was really inspiring, the venue was quite impressive and: food and drinks were for free, what more can I say? 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Foto: Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

„Normcore“ war vor zwei Jahren DER Modetrend der Saison. Rundum den Checkpoint Charlie bis zum Jüdischen Museum sieht man Männer und Frauen in wei├čen hochgezogenen Socken mit Birkenstock Sandalen oder Sneaker die mehr Wanderstiefel als lässiger Sportschuh sind. Ein Architekt hat einmal den Stil der Leute der Friedrichstadt mit ihren Häusern verglichen, und tatsächlich ist dieses Viertel modisch eine Baustelle. Mit kurzen Hosen, ja sogar Capri-Hosen sieht man hier en masse, einem Polo-Shirt und dem in Berlin allseits beliebten Jutebeutel machen sie die Stra├čen unsicher. Im Gegensatz zu dem Vorreiter des Unisex-Modetrends, der sich durch durchschnittliche Kleidung von teuren Marken auszeichnet, tragen die Friedrichstädter Sneaker von Deichmann und T-Shirts mit Aufdrucken wie zum Beispiel „nice & dirty“. Apropos dirty, um ihrem Stil mehr Individualität zu verleihen, trägt man hier vor allem Caps und den 2000er Modehit schlechthin: das Bandana; am liebsten als Dreieck über den ganzen Kopf wie Wrestlinglegende Hulk Hogan, so als würde man gleich in den Ring steigen. Natürlich finden sich in der Friedrichstadt auch ein paar schwarze Schafe, die mit ihren komplett- schwarz Outfits, den bauchfreien Tops und hochgekrempelten Hosen bei den Bewohnern für Aufsehen erregen. Für die modebegeisterten Berliner die sonst in Neukölln und Friedrichshain abhängen ist der Anblick der Friedrichstädter ein Graus. Irgendwer muss aber die Trends von morgen setzten, und wer wei├č wie lange es noch dauert, bis wir Deichmann Nike vorziehen und unsere Bierbäuche in Crop Tops nicht mehr so straff aussehen? Es ist allseits bekannt das die besten Trends von den seltsamsten Orten kommen. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Foto: Pamela Saunders via Unsplash

Wir Menschen neigen dazu, kummervolle Phasen zu durchleben, das geh├Ârt einfach zu uns. Im 5. Jahrhundert vor Christus wurde man daf├╝r noch bestraft, denn man hatte Angst vor dem dunkeln Gem├╝tszustand, der Melancholie, oder auch „schwarze Galle“, wie sie damals genannt wurde. Eine griesgr├Ąmige Person war mit einem ├ťberma├č an schwarzer Galle, der unheimlichsten Gem├╝tsverfassung ausgestattet und hat bis heute noch gro├čen Einfluss auf unsere Gesellschaft. Mittlerweile wurden vielf├Ąltige Medikamente zur Bek├Ąmpfung der Traurigkeit entwickelt und es scheint, als w├Ąre das Ziel, die Welt von allem zu befreien, was nicht der Vorstellung kraftlosen Gl├╝cks entspricht. Dr. Judith Hansen, Psychotherapeutin spezialisiert auf den Gebieten psychische Angst, Depression und Zw├Ąnge besch├Ąftigte sich im Laufe ihrer Karriere viel mit dem Thema Gl├╝cklich bzw. Ungl├╝cklich sein. „Ein Leben im Gleichma├č von Gl├╝ck und Ungl├╝ck zu leben ist nicht m├Âglich. Warum sollten wir nur darauf bauen gl├╝cklich zu sein, wenn im Ungl├╝ck oft so viel Positives steckt.“ erkl├Ąrt Hansen. Warum streben wir Gl├╝cklich sein aber so sehr an? „Wir Menschen sind oft besessen davon, sorgenfrei zu leben und jeglichen Kummer auszuradieren, was aber gar nicht funktioniert. Stell dir vor du bist bei einer Hochzeit, einer Geburt, oder einem Begr├Ąbnis. Das sind Momente in denen sich Kom├Âdie und Trag├Âdie vereinen. Du bist in diesem Augenblick melancholisch und begeistert, traurig und ├╝bergl├╝cklich zugleich. Es geht um diese Verbindungsmomente.“ erz├Ąhlt die Verhaltenstherapeutin. Die Vereinigung von Furcht und Hoffnung, denn bei einem Begr├Ąbnis f├╝hlt der Mensch tiefste Trauer weil er eine geliebte Person verloren hat, ist aber gleichzeitig voller Hoffnung sein eigenes Leben zu genie├čen und es mit Liebe zu f├╝llen. Dr. Hansen sagt ihren Patienten oft, sie sollen ihre chronische Melancholie, ihre Depressionen und ├ängste in einem positiven Licht sehen und einen Nutzen daraus ziehen. „Produktive Melancholie“ nennt sich das. Selbst Aristoteles schrieb in seiner Abhandlung „Problemata“ folgende Passage: „Wie kommt es, dass all diejenigen, die in der Philosophie, der Politik, der Dichtung oder in den bildenden K├╝nsten ├ťberragendes leisten, eindeutig Melancholiker sind?“ Somit k├Ânnte der Kummer ein Zeichen f├╝r intellektuelle Begabung sein. Die Dichterin Emily Dickinson war der Meinung Melancholie sei ein sch├Âneres Haus mit mehr Fenstern und besseren T├╝ren. Sie war der Meinung Melancholie k├Ânne zur Mu├če des Verstehens und der Kreativit├Ąt werden und ein Ansporn sein, neue Wege einzuschlagen und die Wahrnehmung zu ├Ąndern. „Viele englische Dichter besch├Ąftigten sich mit dem Thema Ungl├╝cklichsein, was manche dazu brachte in dieser Verfassung ihr Leben lang zu bleiben. Doch aus diesem Leiden entstanden gro├čartige Texte, was wiederum beweist, wozu der Mensch f├Ąhig ist, wenn er seinen Gef├╝hlen freien Lauf l├Ąsst,“ erl├Ąutert Dr. Hansen. „Wichtig zu wissen ist, dass man das Hin und Her zwischen Trauer und Freude erf├Ąhrt, denn dann begreift man die geheime Harmonie zwischen allen Widerspr├╝chen und versteht den gesamten Rhythmus des Kosmos. Menschen die ihr Leben in purer Melancholie leben und nie Freude erfahren werden es nicht weit bringen. Wenn man Melancholie erdulden kann, muss man auch ihr Gegenst├╝ck erdulden, die Freude.“ Ungl├╝ck macht uns Menschen kreativ, und kreativ zu sein bedeutet Leben, also ist Traurigkeit dasselbe wie Leben. Der kreative Funke der sich im Dunkeln entz├╝ndet. 


Good mooooorning!
I am so excited and still can't believe it, but my third semester at uni is finally over - eeek! Handed in all my papers and stuff on Friday afternoon and now I've got a few weeks to relax. It is always so weird when yet another semester is over and you're like "didn't I just started as a freshman?" haha. Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. The bf and I went to an incredibly cute wedding on Friday night and yesterday I was just tired and worked in the shop. So today is officially my first day of holidays and I'll be staying in my jammies all day long=) 

Todays look shows you what I wore on day two of Fashionweek Berlin. Since I was feeling sick the whole week I wanted to wear something comfy and grabbed this oversized pullover my mum made last year and paired it with some slacks and creepers. I would say the majority of Berliners don't wear heels at Fashionweek since it's comfier and easier if you're running around the whole day. Besides, they just love their sneakers way too much! Wednesday actually wasn't that busy for me. We had a presentation in the morning, then headead to Brandburger Gate to see Rebekka Ruetz and afterwards I met up with Carina at the Apple store. I've been to quite a few events there by now and must admit it is such a cool idea. The topics as well as the guests are really interesting and the atmosphere is so friendly. If you're ever in Berlin, make sure to check if there are any interesting events for you! xx

Friday, January 1, 2016


Wool camel cape with hood, padded lining and leather buttons

Photography: Wolfschluckner
Customer: Madlen Geidel

© CARMEN WOLFSCHLUCKNER | All rights reserved.