Wednesday, July 29, 2015


So .. I took a short break. I don't know if anyone of you noticed, but tiny LOC blog was shut down for a few days, which has never happened before - in three years! I am still not sure what I really want, but it felt so weird being back in Austria for ten days and it made me think a lot about my decisions, like moving to Berlin and doing this blog in general. If you follow my social media, you might have seen that I grew up on the countryside - it's all about hiking in the mountains and relaxing. I love it - don't get me wrong, but only every once in a while, since the people don't really care about fashion, stunning photography and breathtaking dresses (Elie Saab is killing it right now, don't you think?). Too superficial.
So whenever I'm here, I question my decision of working in the fashion industry which I decided at a tender age of thirteen. In the past three years I really found out that it takes a hell of a lot to get where I want to be, and I am still at the beginning.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Almost holidays! I am so looking forward to this semester to be over and to go home see my family and friends for quite a while actually - yay! There are some new pieces in my closet, such as this beautiful black leather jacket which is a bit oversized and longer, just the way I like it; aaaand drumroll for my fav. pair of shoes - the Dr. Martens 1461 in black, obviously. I've always wanted to get these since I am so happy with my other pair of Dr Martens. A black leather jacket and these shoes have always been missing in my closet and they're such classic items, it is quite important to have them I'd say. Although it will probably take a while (again) to break in the Docs it will be worth it =) I couldn't be happier about these two pieces that make my wardrobe complete and basically go with everything. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Well ... hello again!
Sorry for the lack of blogposts, I actually ordered wifi for my new place on the second day already but it turns out that my house is so old that there are no cables for any internet connection - haha! There's still a lot to figure out, yesterday I was scared that my fridge might have broken down, but it is fine now ;-)

I hope you're doing fine as well! Just wanted to show you what I wore on my birthday on Monday. I bought this green jumpsuit at H&M last week but since the weather wasn't too warm, I decided to throw on some culottes and make the jumpsuit look like a normal top. Paired it with my new vintage backpack that I got from my sisters and this berry lippy by Chanel I got myself =) Just can't help it but I love lipsticks and trust me, my new bathroom is full of lipsticks in all kinds of shades. It is like a dream come true to have my own bathroom .. I love it more than the kitchen actually .. ;-) 

This week is pretty stressful though. After moving and celebrating my birthday, I had four exams at uni, went to see the spring summer collections of various designers and of course I'll be working in the store on the weekend. I'll try to stick to posting on LOC though, there'll be a Fashionweek recap post on Sunday so stay tuned! xx

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JE NE SAIS QUOI :: Azzedine Alaïa

Bonjour tiny LOC readers =)
I am the happiest girl in the world today - LOC is turning three (when did this happen?) and we are celebrating this with the launch of the new Azzedine Alaïa perfume that is available in the stores from today on. 

Flaconi and I teamed up to show you this new fragrance that quickly stole my heart. I have always been really picky when it comes to perfumes. I just had not found the perfect one, until now. You know that one scent that really describes you as a person and defines you? Oh well. I was so excited when I heard that Alaïa was introducing a fragrance because apparently he thought about this for ages. It was just meant to be. 
Alaïa simply has his own schedule, just like he doesn't even show during regular wear season (or every season), he took his time to create something beautiful, magical and timeless. To me, his attitude is truly inspiring. If something is not ready, then he doesn't show it. As simple as that. But his fragrance is finally ready, and so am I. 
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